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(free) playSpielraum {m}
free playfreies Lenkungs­spiel {n}
free from play {adj}
free of play {adj} [postpos.]
spielfrei [ohne Spiel]
free-to-play {adj} <F2P> [attr.]
kostenlos spielbar <F2P>
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  • The lobes on one rotor will not drive the other rotor with minimal free play in all positions, so that a separate pair of gears provide the phasing of the lobes.
  • "Mabinogi" was built on a hybrid Value Added Services model (which varies slightly for each game localization) that allows free play and the subscription of paid packages, purchased through the game shop.
  • To get around advertising restrictions, some online poker companies advertise free-play sites, like PartyPoker.net and PokerStars.net, and sometimes even call these free sites "poker schools".
  • The Vales are construction toy collectors, and advocates of instruction-free play for teaching concepts of structure, a foundation of architecture.
  • GameTap initially offered a limited selection of games for free play without a subscription, but this option was discontinued.
  • Tom Bombadil has no impact in the main story for either game, as the games are direct adaptations of the Peter Jackson films rather than the original novels, but he later appears as an unlockable character in the Middle Earth hub world and can be used in free-play mode.
  • In Free Play Mode the player scrolls through the songs using up and down on the D-Pad, and selects a part from the list using the touch screen.
  • Despite this knowledge and due in part to an increase in sedentary behaviors, children have 8 fewer hours of free play each week than they did 20 years ago.
  • com decided to abandon paid subscriptions and moved to a purely ad-supported free play model.
  • The game offers several modes of gameplay, including a career mode in which the player must complete objectives and evolve their character's attributes with earned profits, a free-play mode in which the player may skate without any given objective, a multiplayer mode that features a number of competitive games, and a level editor that allows the player to create customized levels.
  • Singing also has a certain cavity, different from other operas can be given free play according to the individual conditions of the actors.
  • Czechoslovak reformers did not intend to permit free play of market forces.
  • Factors of cultural expectation in the genesis of koro can be built upon ideas of sex physiology in the traditional Chinese medicine, with free play of imagination which links fatality with genital retraction.
  • Caputo has described as a "Nietzschean free play of signifiers" and not the 1990s version of deconstruction that was far more concerned with political and ethical questions.
  • Massachusetts, for example, had its advertising budget dramatically cut, and therefore started using free-play coupons as money to pay for advertising.
  • The Metro-North Railroad offers a “one-day-getaway” package that includes a $10 free play and $10 food voucher, as well as free shuttle service to Empire City Casino from the Mount Vernon West train station.
  • In a statement for a more general economy, the theorem would be taken as saying that α' can be reached by a monetary transfer followed by the free play of market exchange; but money is absent from the Edgeworth box.
  • Ringette utilizes most of the standard ice hockey markings used by Hockey Canada, but the ringette rink uses additional free-pass dots in each of the attacking zones and centre zone areas as well as a larger goal crease area.
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