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friction hitch rope
Klemmknotenseil {n}
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Übersetzung für 'friction hitch rope' von Englisch nach Deutsch

friction hitch rope
Klemmknotenseil {n}climbingsports
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  • The klemheist knot or French Machard knot is a type of friction hitch that grips the rope when weight is applied, and is free to move when the weight is released.
  • A friction hitch is a kind of knot used to attach one rope to another in a way that is easily adjusted.
  • A Friction Hitch is on a rope column that you are grabbing with "LENGTHWISE PULL" force wise in this chapter.
  • The adjustable grip hitch is a simple and useful friction hitch which may easily be shifted up and down the rope while slack.
  • One end of the rope is fastened to the climber's saddle (harness), from there the rope passes around the tree and back to a friction hitch, which is also attached to the climber.
  • In a fall, the drum is back driven by the rope as the device slides down the rope; when the drum rotation exceeds a certain angular velocity, it locks off to the frame and the increase in friction induced between the stationary drum and the rope causes the clove hitch to rapidly tighten around the locked drum to arrest the fall.
  • The additional friction from the clove hitch increases the security of this knot.
  • A munter hitch is a belaying method that creates a friction brake by tying a special knot around an appropriate carabiner.
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