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VERB   to frustrate | frustrated | frustrated
frustrating | frustrates
SYNO to baffle | to bedevil | to bilk | ...
to frustrate sb. [disappoint]jdn. frustrieren
to frustrate sth. [thwart]etw.Akk. hintertreiben
to frustrate sb. [disappoint]jdn. enttäuschen
to frustrate sth. [thwart]
etw.Akk. durchkreuzen [verhindern, zunichtemachen]
to frustrate sth. [thwart]etw.Akk. verhindern
to frustrate sb./sth. [thwart]jdn./etw. behindern
to frustrate sth. [thwart]etw.Akk. vereiteln
to frustrate sb. [discourage]jdn. entmutigen
to frustrate sb. [disappoint]jdn. frusten [ugs.]
to frustrate sb. [thwart]jdn. zurückwerfen
to frustrate sth. [thwart]etw.Akk. hemmen
to frustrate sb. [thwart]jdn. hindern
to frustrate sb. [discourage]jdm. die Hoffnung nehmen
to frustrate sb. [discourage]jdn. mit Minderwertigkeitsgefühlen erfüllen
to frustrate sb. [thwart]jdn. am Fortkommen hindern
to frustrate sth. [thwart]etw.Akk. zunichte machen
to frustrate sth. [thwart]etw.Akk. zum Scheitern bringen
2 Wörter
to frustrate sb.'s plansjds. Pläne vereiteln
3 Wörter
to frustrate a planeinen Plan durchkreuzen
to frustrate a planeinen Plan zunichte machen
to frustrate a projectein Projekt vereiteln
to frustrate a projectein Projekt verhindern
to frustrate all hopealle Hoffnung zerschlagen
to frustrate an agreementeinen Vertrag vereiteln
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A rare example of a morthouse is located in the churchyard, built to frustrate the activities of bodysnatchers in the 19th century.
  • Parody of KBS quiz show 1 vs 100. The unique contestants frustrate the show host Yoo Min-sang.
  • Deductions relating to unlawful conduct may be disallowed when to allow them would sharply frustrate a national or state policy prohibiting such conduct.
  • Nor frustrate their toils on the land and the deep.
  • In the 2009 science fiction movie "Cold Souls", a mule who smuggles souls wears latex fingerprints to frustrate airport security terminals.
  • By this time, Mečíř's sedate playing style was known to frustrate a lot of the more-powerful top ranked players. The Swedish players, in particular, were said to dislike playing against him.
  • Cañas played a defensive counter-punching game from the baseline, using his retrieving skills in order to frustrate opponents. He used a double-handed backhand.
  • Masocore games are mostly platformers, and are specifically designed to frustrate players.
  • Institutional corruption is differentiated from racism or corruption by the institution's willingness to frustrate or slow the work of independent formal inquiries, even after official reports and documentation recognise that such an inquiry is necessary.
  • Historians have started detailed coverage of the American interest in Afghanistan, from trying to frustrate the Soviets in the 1980s to trying and failing to defeat the Taliban, 2001–2021.
  • After Omega World Travel, some commentators were concerned that the Fourth Circuit's interpretation of CAN-SPAM may frustrate consumers' self-help measures and further insulate spammers from prosecution.
  • Motherwell were again the first round opposition as Coventry embarked upon their third Texaco Cup tournament, and again the Lanarkshire club would frustrate them as wins home and away saw 'Well progress.
  • The zone of proximal development for each student, or cohort of students, sets exercises at a level of difficulty that challenges but does not frustrate them.
  • A rare example of a morthouse is located in the churchyard, built to frustrate the activities of 19th century bodysnatchers.
  • In 2017, schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 was used to charge Muhammad Rabbani with "wilfully obstructing or seeking to frustrate a search examination" after allegedly refusing to disclose passwords.
  • There, Makovsky faced Bryan Goldsby. Makovsky used his wrestling and jiu-jitsu to frustrate Goldsby and claimed a unanimous decision victory.
  • Article 101: Failure to comply with, delay or frustrate without due cause, the execution of a court order issued in actions in which it is party or intervener the elderly.
  • However, this practice is not recommended, as it can cause suboptimal routing or even [...] , and frustrate the traffic-engineering efforts of one's peers.
  • Meanwhile, the Hardy Boys go undercover as journalists; they arrive on the ship by helicopter, planning to undercover a terrorist in disguise and frustrate his evil plans.
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