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frustration of purpose
Wegfall {m} der Geschäftsgrundlage
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Übersetzung für 'frustration of purpose' von Englisch nach Deutsch

frustration of purpose
Wegfall {m} der Geschäftsgrundlagelaw
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  • The clause usually forms part of a parent company guarantee that is intended to limit the applicability of the doctrines of impossibility or frustration of purpose.
  • In general, the contracts were voided on the ground of frustration of purpose. Certain contracts which did not mention that the purpose was to view the coronation festivities were upheld, however.
  • 2 KB 740 is an English case which sets forth the doctrine of frustration of purpose in contract law.
  • Frustration of purpose, in law, is a defense to enforcement of a contract.
  • The concept of frustration of purpose is also not part of the Swiss legal tradition.
  • Courts of equity often use a monetary calculus to judge hardship. Frustration of purpose can occur when the terms of a contract are applied literally and automatically without taking into consideration radical changes in the economic or physical environment.
  • UKPC 1, is a case on the subject of frustration of purpose, specifically establishing that foreseeable or self-induced frustration will not render a contract frustrated.
  • "Rayneon (New Zealand) Ltd v Fraser" [...] 1 NZLR 825 is a case often cited in New Zealand regarding the concept of frustration of purpose.
  • "Herne Bay Steamboat Co v Hutton" [...] 2 KB 683 is a case on the subject of frustration of purpose. It is one of a group of cases arising out of the same event, known as the coronation cases.
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