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fuzzy system
Fuzzy-System {n}
fuzzy control system
Fuzzy-Steuerungs­system {n}
adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system <ANFIS>
adaptives Neuro-Fuzzy-Inferenzsystem {n} <ANFIS>
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  • Adding additional sophistication to this braking system, could be done by additional factors such as traction, speed, inertia, set up in dynamic functions, according to the designed fuzzy system.
  • For instance, in problems of cascaded controller tuning, the internal loop controller structure can belong to a conventional regulator of three parameters, whereas the external loop could implement a linguistic controller (such as a fuzzy system) which has an inherently different description.
  • In computer science, an evolving intelligent system is a fuzzy logic system which improves the own performance by evolving rules.
  • Embedding an FIS in a general structure of an ANN has the benefit of using available ANN training methods to find the parameters of a fuzzy system.
  • Researchers at the Technical University of Crete found that using a neuro-fuzzy system based on the Elliott wave principle delivered returns between 9.14% and 39.05% higher than a buy-and-hold strategy when using a hypothetical 10,000 € portfolio.
  • Neuro-fuzzy hybridization results in a hybrid intelligent system that these two techniques by combining the human-like reasoning style of fuzzy systems with the learning and connectionist structure of neural networks.
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