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gabar goshawk [Micronisus gabar]
Gabarhabicht {m}
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Übersetzung für 'gabar' von Englisch nach Deutsch

gabar goshawk [Micronisus gabar]
Gabarhabicht {m}orn.T
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  • The PKK essentially controlled the towns of Şırnak and Cizre from their hiding posts in the mountains of Cudi, Gabar, and Namaz.
  • The deity's name was used as the theophoric element in many Idumean names, including the names of the Edomite kings Qōs-malaku, a tributary of Tiglath-Pileser III and Qōs-gabar a tributary of Esarhaddon.
  • Many private hospitals such as La Gabar, OSC and Shwe LaMin hospitals which are well-known for treatments and services are located in the township.
  • After working from the background for so long he got his first movie gig in Gabar Cikin Gida in 2013 where he got featured alongside his friend and partner Sani Musa Danja.
  • Gabbar Singh was born as Gabar Singh in 1926 in Dang village of Gohad Tehsil, Bhind district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • One of his swimsuit designs for Gabar, produced before his retirement in the late 1970s, was still a best-selling design for the company in 1990.
  • Wahlberg's eagle mainly hunts birds (including other raptors such as the Gabar goshawk and Barn owl), although it also feeds on reptiles (various lizards and snakes) and a few small mammals (Tree squirrels, Mongooses, Hares).
  • ... also spelt Zay Gabar or Zay Ka Bar) is a major Burmese conglomerate with interests in construction and telecommunications.
  • Gabar Hesar Castle is a Castle related to the second century AH and is located in the Kuhsorkh County.
  • In February 2020, at the 2021 FIBA Asia Cup qualification games, Khalid Abdel-Gabar averaged most minutes, points and assists for Saudi Arabia.
  • Šesti Gabar is a village in the municipality of Knjaževac, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 173 people.
  • Gabar is a village in Sozopol Municipality, in Burgas Province, in southeastern Bulgaria.
  • There are two recipients of the Victoria Cross are commemorated on the Neuve-Chapelle Memorial: Gabar Singh Negi and William Arthur McCrae Bruce.
  • Darwan Singh Negi, Gabar Singh Negi, Gobind Singh Rathore and Mir Dast were awarded the Victoria Cross for exceptional gallantry on French battlefields.
  • The existing Omotic and Nilo-Saharan speaking population has been subjected to as gabaro (also gabbaro or Gabar, Oromo for "those who serve") called and gradually assimilated and added to the clan structures of Macha [...].
  • "Qauš-gabari"; Edomite: ???? [...] ???? [...] ???
  • The final "-r" is missing because it was lost in Gascon: gabar > gabà > [...].
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