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NOUN1   a gecko | geckos / geckoes
NOUN2   a Transvaal rock gecko | Transvaal rock geckos / geckoes
geckoes [family Gekkonidae]
Geckos {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'geckoes' von Englisch nach Deutsch

geckoes [family Gekkonidae]
Geckos {pl}zool.T
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Traditionally, the Adnyamathanha bear strong respect for lizards such as geckoes and goannas.
  • At least 90 species of reptiles call this park home, over half of which are either skinks or geckoes, and 35 species have their State distributional limits here.
  • This snake feeds on birds and eggs and as well as lizards such as flying lizards and geckoes.
  • There are thirteen living endemic reptile species, including a number of species of day geckoes (genus "Phelsuma").
  • Examples other than haematophagy include geckoes that live close to humans, pied crows ("Corvus albus"), cockroaches, and many others.
  • "Gehyra variegata", the tree dtella, variegated dtella or varied dtella, is a species of gecko in the genus "Gehyra", native to inland Australia. the latter encompassing geckoes.
  • These geckoes are found in a range of habitats including wet coastal heathlands, wet sclerophyll forests, arid scrubland, rocky outcrops and stony hills in eucalypt woodland.
  • "Phelsuma gigas" was one of the largest known geckoes.
  • Modern geckoes are unusual among lizards in that the digits of their limbs are relatively symmetrical in length, and are splayed in a broad arc; by contrast, the digits in other lizards are usually nearly parallel to each other, especially on the feet.
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