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to get livid [coll.]sich totärgern [ugs.]
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Übersetzung für 'get livid' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to get livid [coll.]
sich totärgern [ugs.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Recordings of commune meetings show how livid and frustrated Jones would get when anyone did not find the films interesting or did not understand the message Jones was placing upon them.
  • Larkin, who had been trying for some time to get Allison interested in him, becomes livid when he sees Allison leave with Jesse.
  • To get the proof of Baldev's corruption, Kundan and Rajeev conduct a raid on his house where Vaishnavi is also present, who is livid on Baldev for maligning the goodwill of "Aasha Foundation" managed by her.
  • A livid Hank pulls strings with his friend Detective Tim Roberts to get her out of being charged.
  • Günter realized the OMS (Open Media System) or LiViD approach had obvious shortcomings in terms of audio and video synchronization, so xine was born as an experiment trying to get it right.
  • This made Luke very livid with Becky about it, as Temple has been convicted of a crime in the past, but had to attend because Temple will buy out Daily World and he can't afford to insult him.
  • Use of the song at the 2022 Conservative Party Conference, to accompany the entrance of Liz Truss, drew strong criticism from the song's writer Mike Pickering, who said the band was "livid".
  • But Christine was livid that Sharon had met the girl at a hotel room where Crystal had been dragged away by a beefy guy.
  • While Shane and Captain Rawling were livid at Army's refusal to take the test, Vic and Lem both separately told Army that they agreed with his decision and allowed Army to walk away from the Strike Team.
  • Robert is livid when Lawrence threatens to evict Diane after she stages a protest outside Home Farm.
  • Both broadcasts were met with livid protests followed by strong diplomatic, economic and political pressure from the Saudis to cancel these broadcasts.
  • Ash makes it known that he feels Kat is putting her work before Luc, and he is "livid" when Kat mentions that she will miss Luc's four-month check-up because she has to work.
  • Carl is livid that Chas has fooled him and follows as the congregation leave the church.
  • Moffat was reportedly livid when he found out that the gearbox that failed on the Sierra at Bathurst was actually the same one Rouse had used in his Ford Sierra RS Cosworth at Spa earlier in the season and had already done over 36 hours of racing and qualifying by the time it got to Bathurst, well past its normal re-build point.
  • When a reporter phones Paul to ask him about the lawsuit, Paul becomes livid and confronts Jeff as he sits on the toilet.
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