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Glycyrrhizin {n}
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Übersetzung für 'glycyrrhizin' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Glycyrrhizin {n}biochem.
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  • The sweet flavor of the rhizome was once attributed to the glycoside glycyrrhizin.
  • Inhibition of this enzyme, for example by the compound glycyrrhizin, found in natural liquorice, results in a condition known as pseudohyperaldosteronism.
  • The liquorice-root extract contains the natural sweetener glycyrrhizin, which is over 50 times sweeter than sucrose.
  • A 2003 study has found that glycyrrhizin, the compound in liquorice root, can lower levels of testosterone.
  • Natural non-sugar sweeteners also exist, such as glycyrrhizin found in liquorice.
  • Primary hyperaldosteronism can be mimicked by Liddle syndrome, and by ingestion of licorice and other foods containing glycyrrhizin.
  • Licochalcone A, licochalcone B and licochalcone D are chalconoids isolated from root of "G. inflata" as well as glycyrrhizin.
  • By 2010 onepharm has maintained its strict focus on exploiting the pharmacological potential of glycyrrhizin (the sweet-tasting triterpene glycoside in liquorice) as a lead for drug development.
  • Like other highly sweet glycosides, such as glycyrrhizin and those found in stevia, NHDC's sweet taste has a slower onset than sugar's and lingers in the mouth for some time.
  • Glycyrrhizin is known to cause negative side effects, such as hypertension and edema; removing the glycyrrhizin is meant to avoid these symptoms.
  • The systematic name of this enzyme class is glycyrrhizinate glucuronosylhydrolase.
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