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NOUN   a glyph | glyphs
Symbol {n}
glyphZeichen {n}
glyph [groove]Furche {f} [Glyphe]
Glyphe {f}
glyphRille {f}
glyph set
Glyphensatz {m}
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Übersetzung für 'glyph' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Symbol {n}comp.

Zeichen {n}

Glyphe {f}archaeo.print

Rille {f}
glyph [groove]
Furche {f} [Glyphe]

glyph set
Glyphensatz {m}print
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  • Line a3 contains a series of figures (glyph 200), holding various objects and irregularly separated by frigatebirds (glyph 600). Fischer (1997) speculates that these may represent a numerical series.
  • The current Unicode reference glyph for U+301C has been corrected to match the JIS standard in response to a 2014 proposal, which noted that while the existing Unicode reference glyph had been matched by fonts from the discontinued Windows XP, all other major platforms including later versions of Microsoft Windows shipped with fonts matching the JIS reference glyph for U+301C.
  • Cocijo often bears the Zapotec glyph C in his headdress.
  • The Emblem Glyph of Calakmul has a greater distribution than the Emblem Glyph of any other Maya city.
  • "DWIDTH 8 0" declares the Device Width of a glyph. In this case, after the glyph is rendered, the start of the next glyph is offset 8 pixels on the X-axis and 0 pixels on the Y-axis from the current glyph origin.
  • Each uniliteral glyph once had a unique reading, but several of these fell together as Old Egyptian developed into Middle Egyptian.
  • Beginning with a start-of-text state, the layout engine parses the text, glyph by glyph.
  • Note that there is a confusion about the glyph of Malayalam digit zero.
  • Files containing glyph outline data are contained in a directory one level down, one file per glyph.
  • The world glyph sets are character repertoires comprising a subset of Unicode characters.
  • When a code point's example glyph is composed of more than one part glyph, unification criteria can be applied to each part.
  • Pier F has only one glyph block that remains today.
  • is one of the exotic glyph variants of Cyrillic letter [...].
  • This cycle appears in the lunar series as two glyphs that modern scholars call the 'C' and 'X' glyphs.
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