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NOUN   a gold nanoparticle | gold nanoparticles
gold nanoparticles
Goldnanoteilchen {pl}
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gold nanoparticles
Goldnanoteilchen {pl}chem.material
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Colloidal gold preparations (suspensions of gold nanoparticles) in water are intensely red-colored, and can be made with tightly controlled particle sizes up to a few tens of nanometers across by reduction of gold chloride with citrate or ascorbate ions.
  • Heat treatment involves using radio waves to heat up tiny metals that are implanted in cancerous tissue. Gold nanoparticles or carbon nanotubes are the most likely candidate.
  • The damping force was shown to broaden surface plasmon resonances in gold nanoparticles, nanorods and clusters.
  • As an approach for photothermal therapy nanobodies binding to the HER2 antigen, which is overexpressed in breast and ovarian cancer cells, were conjugated to branched gold nanoparticles (see figure).
  • Gold nanoparticles have been recently used as a basis for a count of atomic species, especially with studying the content of cancer cells.
  • Gold(III) chloride is used in producing gold nanoparticles.
  • The presence of several million pore complexes in the oocyte nuclear membrane and the fact that they appeared to admit many different molecules (insulin, bovine serum albumin, gold nanoparticles) led to the view that the pores are open channels and nuclear proteins freely enter the nucleus through the pore and must accumulate by binding to DNA or some other nuclear component.
  • A material may have lower melting point in nanoparticle form than in the bulk form. For example, 2.5 nm gold nanoparticles melt at about 300 °C, whereas bulk gold melts at 1064 °C.
  • With advances in various analytical technologies in the 20th century, studies on gold nanoparticles has accelerated.
  • Micelles can also be used for targeted drug delivery as gold nanoparticles.
  • It also is used to manufacture gold nanoparticles.
  • With limited research being carried out to design and develop new antibiotics, novel approaches like functionalizing antibiotic to metal nanoparticles surface to treat resistant bacterial strains have been studied.
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