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NOUN   a gold nugget | gold nuggets
gold nuggets
Goldkörner {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'gold nuggets' von Englisch nach Deutsch

gold nuggets
Goldkörner {pl}mineral.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The dust was washed in a small stream of water and the heavy gold dust and gold nuggets collected in riffles.
  • ] Gold nuggets were the exclusive property of the "mansa" and were illegal to trade within his borders.
  • Both pits revealed flat gold nuggets and gold dust.
  • The first musher to reach this checkpoint each year is awarded the Gold Coast Award, which includes $2,500 in gold nuggets.
  • When the storm clears, they reach Wolf Mountain and recovered the chest full of gold nuggets underneath the snow.
  • Said natives abandoned expedition during the same year because of assaults who are dedicated to pan the riverbeds with bateas and/or limbasan to recover the gold nuggets themselves.
  • In the summer of 1896, George Carmack walked into the Forty Mile Creek Saloon and paid for his drink with gold nuggets.
  • The area is notable for the discovery of a number of gold nuggets.
  • Players can collect gold nuggets to buy equipment. The purchase of an "equipment" card allows players to selectively enhance their characters and develop new strategies.
  • The museum's exhibits included an 1863 stagecoach, telegraph equipment, gold nuggets and coins.
  • In China, traditional funerals include burning folded paper, most often representations of gold nuggets (yuanbao).
  • Several large gold nuggets were discovered as a result of the goldrush.
  • Ojeda returned two weeks later bringing a few substantial gold nuggets and reporting there was much gold to be found in the area.
  • A later study of native gold from Arizona, US, based on lead isotopes indicates that a significant part of the mass in alluvial gold nuggets in this area formed within the placer environment.
  • Spondylus shells were the driving factor of trade within the Central Andes and were used in a similar manner to gold nuggets, copper hatches, coca, salt, red pepper, and cotton cloth.
  • While initial mining was successful, a report in 1887 states that one of the largest gold nuggets in Queensland was found there; the same report also indicates that the mining success quickly petered out.
  • The region in which La Paz is located in was known as Chuquiago Marka ("marka" means village; "Chuqi Yapu" means 'gold farm', probably due to the exploitation of gold nuggets in the small rivers of the place; spelling differences due to Aymara writing compared to Spanish transliteration) in the Aymara language, leading former President of Bolivia Evo Morales to suggest renaming the city to "Chuquiago Marka" in a speech in 2017.
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