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NOUN   a gold object | gold objects
gold objectsGoldgegenstände {pl}
with gold-plated mammo detail test objects [test plate]
Mammo-Detail {n} mit Goldplättchen [Testeinsatz]
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  • The Treasure of Gourdon is a hoard of gold objects buried around the year 524 and unearthed in 1845 in the commune, which date to the end of the fifth or the beginning of the sixth century.
  • With the second wrist-guard was a shale belt ring and a pair of gold hair ornaments, the oldest gold objects known from England.
  • It was excavated by Edward Cunnington in 1882. Gold objects were found including a cup and the Clandon Lozenge.
  • These date from around 90 BC and are the most northerly late-Iron-Age gold objects found in Europe.
  • Late in 1992 the Gold Museum in Bogotá received an impressive assortment of the gold objects made in an unfamiliar style.
  • They also traded for gold objects which could be gotten in China in this time period at a silver:gold exchange rate of about 5:1 whereas the rate in Europe was about 16:1.
  • There is recent evidence that suggests that the Aztec civilization was a distinct locus of metallurgy, though gold objects from this area had previously been attributed to the Mixtec.
  • In 2006, some gold objects were included in a major and broadly advertised national exhibition of antique gold treasures in both Sofia and Varna.
  • The growth in population at Mapungubwe may have led to full-time specialists in ceramics, specifically pottery. Gold objects were uncovered in elite burials on the royal hill (Mapungubwe Hill).
  • When asked to steal a list of group member names from police evidence to protect the group, Gold objects and is rejected by the Jewish group leaders for denying his faith.
  • A hoard of gold objects was found near the village of Pumsaint close to the mines in the 18th century and is now in the British Museum.
  • The Hiddensee treasure, a large trove of gold objects, was found in 1873 on the German island of Hiddensee in the Baltic Sea. It is believed that these objects belonged to Harald's family.
  • They have been dated to 1200 BCE and are the only prehistoric gold objects to have been found in Berkshire.
  • Scandinavian Bronze Age sites present a rich and well-preserved legacy of bronze and gold objects.
  • Sânnicolau Mare is known for the treasure of Nagyszentmiklós, a hoard of 23 gold objects discovered here in 1799 by a Serb farmer.
  • is a Bronze Age hoard of 81 gold objects with a total weight of [...].
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