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NOUN   a gold surface | gold surfaces
gold surfaceGoldoberfläche {f}
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gold surface
Goldoberfläche {f}
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  • Researchers synthesized a biphenylene sheet consisting of sp2-hybridized carbon atoms that formed four-, six-, and eight-membered rings on a smooth gold surface.
  • This allows their anchorage to a gold surface and formation of self-assembled monolayers (diamond-on-gold).
  • This has been used to make a layer of the uranium oxide on a gold surface which was then studied with AC impedance spectroscopy.
  • When dispersed on a gold surface, the molecules attach themselves to the surface via their fullerene groups and are detected via scanning tunneling microscopy.
  • The schematic below demonstrates the immobilization of copolymers onto a gold surface as reported for poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) by the McCormick group at the University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Recently, a new type of fluorosurfactants have found that can form nearly perfect monolayer on gold substrate due to the increase of mobility of gold surface atoms.
  • Observation by means of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and detailed physical and chemical analyses on the surface of small areas within the track of the incision showed the existence of micro-crystallization of the gold surface: a natural phenomenon that could have taken place only in the course of centuries after the fusion.
  • As the refractive index near the gold surface increases, the NP LSPR will shift to longer wavelengths In addition to solvent environment, the extinction peak can be tuned by coating the nanoparticles with non-conducting shells such as silica, bio molecules, or aluminium oxide.
  • In order to immobilize BSA on the gold surface, the spots created through PDMS making were functionalized with sulfo-NHS and EDC, subsequently 1% BSA solution was poured in the spots and incubated for 1 hour.
  • Le Lay and others reported the deposition of a single atom thickness, ordered and two-dimensional multi-phase film by molecular beam epitaxy upon a gold surface in a crystal lattice with Miller indices (111).
  • The Paracatu mine is one of the largest gold surface mines in Brazil, and also in the world. It is owned and operated by the Canadian Kinross Gold mining company.
  • Shortly after resuming his position at the School in 1946 he discovered a document by an archaeologist at the American Academy in Rome on the ancient technique of granulation, a process which involves fixing minute gold beads to a gold surface without using any form of solder, thereby creating a finely textured coruscating surface.
  • The solid iron ball (with an electroplated gold surface) is known as the bob of the pendulum.
  • The coat of arms of the family is three red crayfish on a gold surface.
  • Compliant bonding is a unique method of forming this type of solid state bond between a gold lead and a gold surface since heat and pressure is transmitted through a compliant or deformable media.
  • At that moment, some of the plaster coating chipped off, allowing the gold surface underneath to be seen.
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