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NOUN   a gold thread | gold threads
gold threadsGoldfäden {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'gold threads' von Englisch nach Deutsch

gold threads
Goldfäden {pl}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Embroidered goldwork is not to be confused with the even more luxurious cloth of gold, where similar gold threads are woven through the whole piece of textile.
  • The embroidery was made with silver or gold threads.
  • In the Ararat Valley, especially in the urban environment of Yerevan, the complex of women's clothing included a fabric silk belt with two long curtain rods embroidered with silk and gold threads.
  • When the figure work is in silver threads with a background of gold threads it is called ‘Tashi Kinkhwab’.
  • Songket is a luxurious textile that required some amount of real gold leaves and gold threads to be hand-woven into exquisite fabrics, surely it has become a symbol of luxury and social status.
  • ... 664 grams). Gold threads are used in double and one of the finest varieties so much so that the closely woven surface looks like a mirror.
  • The Museum of the Virgin of Zapopan presents an impressive collection of mantles of silver and gold threads, offerings made to the Virgin as a token of gratitude for some miracle, ancient paintings, niches in which the image was transported and a collection of various items used in past centuries for decoration.
  • In the Roman Catholic Church, buskins are ceremonial liturgical stockings ("caligae" in Latin) of silk, sometimes interwoven with gold threads and even heavily embroidered, formerly worn by the celebrant of a pontifical Mass.
  • 20,00,000 even depending on the difficulty of work as many times gold threads are included during its weaving process.
  • From 1641 onward, when her first husband Pierre Perdriau died, she developed and managed the manufacture of passementerie she inherited from him, and more specifically the silver and gold threads business which was needed for the passementerie.
  • It was made with silk, silver and gold threads.
  • The royal mantle of Netherlands is a red velvet trimmed coat lined with white ermine and 83 Dutch lions embroidered with gold threads.
  • The material traditionally used for the Bahawalpuri shalwar and suthan is known as sufi which is a mixture of cotton warp mixed with silk weft and gold threads running down the material.
  • The material traditionally used for the Bahawalpuri shalwar and suthan is known as Sufi which is a mixture of cotton warp mixed with silk weft and gold threads running down the material.
  • The embroidery uses one of the most expensive of the Tournai embroiders' techniques, the " or nué (shaded gold)" technique in which the juxtaposed gold threads are more or less closely covered by silk threads.
  • In the Papal Mass as formerly celebrated, the Pope wore a special maniple intertwined with red and gold threads, symbolizing the unity of the Eastern and Western rites of the Catholic Church.
  • It was usually made from wool or flax, but for the higher classes it could be made of silk with the use of gold threads and embroideries.
  • The blouse shared many attributes with the Kebaya blouse-dress of Indonesia, including the elaborate embroidered gold-threads used in formal versions of the Kebaya.
  • Women also wore long-sleeved uncollared shirts, accompanied by a small vest embroidered in silk or gold threads.
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