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NOUN   the gold trade | -
gold trade
Goldhandel {m}
A trade in hand finds gold in every land.
Handwerk hat goldenen Boden.
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Übersetzung für 'gold trade' von Englisch nach Deutsch

gold trade
Goldhandel {m}comm.

A trade in hand finds gold in every land.
Handwerk hat goldenen Boden.proverb
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Throughout the 1960s Dubai was the centre of a lively gold trade, with 1968 imports of gold at some £56 million.
  • By 1598, the Dutch had joined the Portuguese in the gold trade, establishing the Dutch Gold Coast (Nederlandse Bezittingen ter Kuste van Guinea) and building forts at Fort Komenda and Kormantsi.
  • The Komenda Wars drew in significant numbers of neighbouring African kingdoms and led to the replacement of the gold trade with enslaved Africans.
  • Peter Bakewell described the Wangara as, "Malians who specialized in the management of long-distance commerce, and the growth of the west African gold trade was closely linked with the extension of the range of their activities.
  • During the Second World War, Switzerland was the hub of European gold trade.
  • On the coast, Gomes found a thriving alluvial gold trade among the natives and visiting Arab and Berber traders at the port then named A Mina (meaning "the mine"), where he established a trading post.
  • The Spanish were swift in this process to stake their claim on the region's gold trade with the Igorots.
  • Accordingly, al-Mansur was drawn irresistibly to the trans-Saharan gold trade of the Songhai in hopes of solving Morocco's economic deficit with Europe.
  • Slowly the town of Shurugwi is being transformed to suit all kinds of business activities unlike what it used to be only gold trade center.
  • The gold trade, which started to boom in Bonoman as early in the 12th century, was the genesis of Akan power and wealth in the region, beginning in the Middle Ages.
  • He was perhaps the earliest of modern explorers in the upland of West Africa, and a pioneer of the European slave and gold trade of Guinea.
  • At the height of the gold trade in the early sixteenth century, 24,000 ounces of gold were exported annually from the Gold Coast, accounting for one-tenth of the world's supply.
  • From the ninth century, Arab authors mention the Ghana Empire in connection with the trans-Saharan gold trade.
  • United Kingdom introduced the gold trade ban law in 1966 (Exchange Control Act 1947).
  • The Portuguese gained control of the Island of Mozambique and the port city of Sofala in the early 16th century, and by the 1530s, small groups of Portuguese traders and prospectors seeking gold penetrated the interior regions, where they set up garrisons and trading posts at Sena and Tete on the River Zambezi and tried to gain exclusive control over the gold trade.
  • The study also compares the environs, geographical location, and the economic wealth of both cities; arguing that Jambi, located on the mouth of Batang Hari river basin with its connection to Minangkabau hinterland was the centre of gold trade in the area, that described as the fabulous wealth of Srivijaya.
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