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gold-and-white marmoset [Mico chrysoleucus, syn.: Callithrix chrysoleuca]
Gelbweißes Seidenäffchen {n}
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  • The colour scheme suggested by the Church of England also indicates where gold vestments should be used in those churches that possess gold and white as distinct colours.
  • The school colors are Black, Gold, and White.
  • The university's colours is black, gold, and white, and may be found on the university's coat of arms.
  • Throughout the team's tenure in Atlanta, the Thrashers' wore jerseys of ice blue, navy blue, red, gold and white.
  • The Sabres also released a "Reverse Retro" alternate uniform, bringing back the "crossed swords" alternate from 2000 to 2006 but recolored to the current royal, gold and white scheme.
  • The Kirche am Steinhof of Steinhof Psychiatric hospital (1904–1907) is a unique and finely-crafted example of Secession religious architecture, with a traditional domed exterior but sleek, modern gold and white interior lit by abundance of modern stained glass.
  • Their school mascot are the Timberwolves (formerly Warriors) and the colors are kelly green, gold, and white.
  • The colors of LBCC are blue, gold and white. Its mascot is the roadrunner.
  • Fraternity members may add gold and white enameled bars above the shield to signify their office.
  • It launched the Safari Gold in two colours, Black Gold and White Gold.
  • Iowa's home jersey is black with white numerals, with gold and white stripes on the sleeves.
  • The primary home uniform remained burgundy with gold and white stripes with the letters having a gold base.
  • The traditional colouration of the Simmental has been described variously as "red and white spotted" or "gold and white", although there is no specific standard colouration, and the dominant shade varies from a pale yellow-gold all the way to very dark red (the latter being particularly popular in the United States).
  • The school's team colors are purple, gold and white.
  • The team colors are red, navy blue, gold, and white, the same of the parent club, the Washington Nationals.
  • ... g. gold and white) can often have deposits of black sand, particularly after storms.
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