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NOUN   a grass supply | grass supplies
grass supply
Grasvorrat {m}
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Übersetzung für 'grass supply' von Englisch nach Deutsch

grass supply
Grasvorrat {m}agr.
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  • For the past 60 years, Highland Supply Corporation has been producing and selling floral grass - a traditional decorative product used to line Easter baskets.
  • BGAD was established in 1941 and began operations in 1942 as an ammunition and general supply storage depot, Blue Grass Ordnance Depot.
  • There was water and grass but not an ample supply for the emigrants and all their livestock.
  • Northern hairy-nosed wombats require deep sandy soils in which to dig their burrows, and a year-round supply of grass, which is their primary food.
  • When the demand for spaces outstrips supply, vehicles may overspill park onto the sidewalk, grass verges and other places which were not designed for the purpose.
  • got to know of it by the next morning, prompting President Nixon to initiate the same day an immediate air-lifted re-supply to Israel of conventional arms, including tanks and planes to replace losses, in Operation Nickel Grass.
  • This transport system is sufficient to supply all of the aerobic respiratory needs of the grass roots and also helps to aerate the surrounding mud.
  • Due to a limited supply of the new artificial grass, only the infield was installed before the Houston Astros' home opener in April 1966; the outfield was installed in early summer during an extended Astros road trip and first used after the All-Star Break in July.
  • Magpie-Larks (also known as wee magpie) A primarily carnivorous species that eats all sorts of small creatures, the magpie-lark can adapt to an enormous range of different habitats, requiring only some soft, bare ground for foraging, a supply of mud for making a nest, and a tree to make it in.
  • The reason that Cleveland was not settled sooner was the lack of a sufficient water source and supply.
  • Over 40 farms in the general area supply the Creamery with milk.
  • The mesquite plant was introduced into Ethiopia around 1997 and is endangering the zebra's food supply.
  • This pool also acts as an emergency water supply in case of fire.
  • The dead roots supply a source of active organic matter, which feeds soil organisms that create aggregation - the soil carbon sponge.
  • Rinella was used as a Royal Navy supply depot during the Second World War.
  • In 1837 a new water supply was built to replace the polluted 'Tank Stream' which had to that time been the colonists main supply of water.
  • In terms of pigs, there are also 35 British saddlebacks – the closest match to the original Heckfield pig mentioned in the Spectator in 1850 bred by Lord Eversley – which supply the manor house and restaurants (called Marle and open-fired Hearth).
  • Dik-diks seek habitats with a plentiful supply of edible plants such as shrubs.
  • Available insect supply is strongly influenced by weather—dry and warm conditions allow a fast growth of the chicks, cold and rainy weather leads to high mortality.
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