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grass trees [genus Xanthorrhoea]
Grasbäume {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'grass trees' von Englisch nach Deutsch

grass trees [genus Xanthorrhoea]
Grasbäume {pl}bot.T
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  • This was first a street of scattered small wattle and daub thatched houses, brush and grass trees.
  • Buffer strips can have several different configurations of vegetation found on them varying from simply grass to combinations of grass, trees, and shrubs.
  • The buildings on the campus are plain, while the grass, trees, and flower beds on EAC's campus are impeccably maintained year-round.
  • The right panel depicts the stems of grass trees which gives a linked connection to the family name of Peter Moyes.
  • Grass trees are often very long-lived with some estimated to be 350 to 450 years old.
  • Numerous types of grass, trees, shrubs and other species of plants grow throughout the canyon.
  • The two finished segments feature pavement interspersed with brick and surrounded by grass, trees, pedestrian connections to nearby streets, and a community garden.
  • Xanthorrhoea Loop is named after the Xanthorrhoea group of 30 species of native Australian plants. This group of plants are commonly referred to as grass trees are seen along the trail.
  • The park features waterfalls that plunge from the plateau. Giant grass trees and open forest with stands of snow gums shelter gliders, wallabies, eagles and owls.
  • The name "Boyup" is derived from the name of a nearby pool "Booyup", an Aboriginal term meaning "place of big stones" (large granite outcrops common in the area) or "place of big smoke" (from burning the many surrounding grass trees).
  • Thus for Dōgen buddha-nature includes everything, the totality of "all things", including inanimate objects like grass, trees and land (which are also "mind" for Dōgen).
  • The second area is the Central Park area. The area features grass, trees, paths, and can also be filled with water to create a pond or swamp.
  • In Iran, "Boulevard" is generally defined as a wide road surrounded by trees in sides and divided by a green space line including grass, trees or buxuses in the middle.
  • A cement path loops around the primary monument and leads to the town hall and the library of Windermere. Grass, trees and other plants surround the memorial also.
  • The "Xanthorrhoea" grass trees, the screw palms of the Pandanaceae and palms are large monocots present in Australia.
  • common park, featuring expanses of green grass, trees and – most astonishingly – two Olympic-sized swimming pools; all maintained through Village Greens Homeowners Association's relatively low common charges.
  • The Loma area's dry climate supports a natural vegetation of low shrubs and grass.
  • Gregory Bald is a type of mountain known as a grassy bald.
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