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NOUN   a grassy plain | grassy plains
grassy plains
Grasfluren {pl}
Grassy Plains [The Neverending Story]
Gräsernes Meer {n} [Die unendliche Geschichte]
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  • The undulated tinamou went into the deepest dark of the forest, and the red-winged tinamou wanting to be different went to the grassy plains.
  • The central land area consists of cultivated fields, while grassy plains are found to the north, flanked by protected usnea-covered dune forests along the eastern and western shores.
  • There is a wide range of habitats (including coppice woodland, wood pasture, scrub, grassy plains, marsh and lake) for both animals and plants.
  • The relatively flat grassy plains are ideal for cattle grazing.
  • It is mostly arboreal but rarely climbs higher than 4 meters and is mostly found in the open ground or on grassy plains.
  • Fire is part of the landscape of Kakadu National Park, as the park contains large areas of woodland and grassy plains that are subject to long periods of dry hot weather.
  • The white-sided jackrabbit inhabits plateaus at high elevations, including the grassy plains of southwestern New Mexico and the open plains of the southern Mexican tableland.
  • Around 25,000 BC, the land underwent significant climatic change which transformed the grassy plains into desert.
  • The Mush-co-desh had an agrarian society and were said to have "shaped the land by making the woodland into prairie as they abandoned their old worn out gardens which formed grassy plains".
  • The blackbuck inhabits grassy plains and thinly forested areas where perennial water sources are available for its daily need to drink. Herds travel long distances to obtain water.
  • Kazuma Pan is virtually unspoilt wilderness with an open landscape of grassy plains which is reminiscent of the great East African plains and is thus dissimilar to the usual Zimbabwean bush or woodland landscapes.
  • A free ferry is available to cross Francois Lake which is directly south of Burns Lake. The ferry is used frequently to get to Grassy Plains.
  • The nilgai prefers areas with short bushes and scattered trees in scrub forests and grassy plains.
  • The Karkadann (Arabic كركدن "karkadann" or "karkaddan" from "Kargadan", Persian: كرگدن) is a mythical creature said to have lived on the grassy plains of India and Persia.
  • The Free State is situated on a succession of flat grassy plains sprinkled with pastureland, resting on a general elevation of 3,800 feet only broken by the occasional hill or kopje.
  • The earliest European settlers came across a park-like landscape extending inland from Melbourne, consisting of large areas of grassy plains to the north and southwest, with little forest cover, something thought to be testimony of indigenous sheet burning practices to expose the massive number of yam daisies ("murnong") which proliferated in the area.
  • ... ") in the local Tibetan language, thereby signifying the "crest above the grassy plains".
  • Pollen of mostly small shrubs found in fossiliferous sediments with aurochs remains in China indicate that it preferred temperate grassy plains or grasslands bordering woodlands.
  • In areas that experience seasonal flooding, like the grassy plains of the Venezuelan-Colombian Llanos, anteaters mainly feed on ants, because termites are less available.
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