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NOUN   a growth disk | growth disks
growth disk
Wachstumsfuge {f}
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Übersetzung für 'growth disk' von Englisch nach Deutsch

growth disk
Wachstumsfuge {f}anat.
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  • A new metric that is being used in an attempt to characterize the growth in person-specific information, is the disk storage per person (DSP), which is measured in megabytes/person (where megabytes is 106 bytes and is abbreviated MB).
  • This process develops inside any disk where the number density of planetesimals is sufficiently high, and proceeds in a runaway manner. Growth later slows and continues as oligarchic accretion.
  • HyperCard saw a loss in popularity with the growth of the World Wide Web, since the Web could handle and deliver data in much the same way as HyperCard without being limited to files on a local hard disk.
  • in 1996 for machine tools and many other applications. Growth is estimated at 40% per year, but could be even higher if ceramic bearings are selected for consumer applications such as in-line skates and computer disk drives.
  • IBM's 1973 introduction of the 3740 Data Entry System created the basic media standard for the 8-inch single sided floppy disk, IBM's "Type 1" diskette, which coupled with rapidly increasing requirements for inexpensive, removable direct access storage for many small applications caused a dramatic growth in drive and controller shipments.
  • Regrowth of both the lost part of the disk and the arms occur which yields an animal with three large arms and three small arms during the period of growth.
  • Mueller–Hinton agar is a microbiological growth medium that is commonly used for antibiotic susceptibility testing, specifically disk diffusion tests.
  • The round-trip loss may limit the power scaling of the active mirrors, or disk lasers, while the size of the gain medium scales up, and the gain size product is limited by the exponential growth of the amplified spontaneous emission; the powerful disk laser should work at low values of the coupling parameter and even lower values of the round-trip loss.
  • The cork cambium is a lateral meristem and is responsible for secondary growth that replaces the epidermis in roots and stems.
  • Repeat observations by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory over the period of a decade have revealed what may be a mechanism for self-regulation of the rate of growth of GRS 1915+105.
  • It is a genus of submarine hyperthermophilic Archaea whose optimal growth temperature range is 80 to 105°C.
  • The most important growth occurred with the affiliation of the former Türk-İş member Genel-İş under the leadership of Abdullah Baştürk.
  • Although short-lived, the experimental space provided low-cost access to the arts for artists of all races, broke boundaries and defined the period in which a visual arts culture saw enormous growth in the city.
  • With the clear water, light can penetrate into deeper waters and promote plant growth beyond the 15’ depth.
  • The first failed one was intended to test seed growth in microgravity in an unconventional way—by germinating seeds on a spinning disc.
  • If the planetesimals formed via the gravitational collapse of local concentrations of pebbles, their growth into planetary embryos and the cores of giant planets is dominated by the further accretions of pebbles.
  • As the working set grows, resolving page faults remains manageable until the growth reaches a critical point.
  • Followers of the C64 would see the growth of the demo scene.
  • As the working set grows, resolving page faults remains manageable until the growth reaches a critical point.
  • Replica plating is a microbiological technique in which one or more secondary Petri plates containing different solid (agar-based) selective growth media (lacking nutrients or containing chemical growth inhibitors such as antibiotics) are inoculated with the same colonies of microorganisms from a primary plate (or master dish), reproducing the original spatial pattern of colonies.
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