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growth from the stump
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Übersetzung für 'growth from the stump' von Englisch nach Deutsch

growth from the stump
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  • Root grafting allows for carbon transfer from living trees to living stumps resulting in incremental cambium growth in the stump.
  • "Metasequoia foxii" is an extinct redwood species in the family Cupressaceae described from numerous fossils of varying growth stage.
  • Some studies have suggested that the fungus spreads radially from a single starting point, so that the fruit bodies appear in wider circles in successive years (similar to growth observed in a fairy ring), but other studies have not noticed this phenomenon.
  • The Town of Pembroke has expressed interest in using the land for well water to support business and residential growth in North Pembroke.
  • Root sprouts and basal shoots of some ornamental plants are considered undesirable because the originating plant's energy is diverted to their growth rather than to growth of the crown.
  • The tree was left standing as dead wood, partly supported by a large growth of ivy.
  • The removal of stumps (stumping) has been used to prevent contact between infected stumps and newer growth resulting in lower infection rates.
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