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habit formationErwerbung {f} einer Routine
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Übersetzung für 'habit formation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

habit formation
Erwerbung {f} einer Routine
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  • Research on habit formation generally suggests an individual can acquire a new habit on average over 66 days.
  • New behaviours can become automatic through the process of habit formation.
  • He formulated a two-factor learning theory, arguing that conditioning (sign learning) is distinct from habit formation (solution learning).
  • According to the behaviourist theories prevailing at the time, language learning was a question of habit formation, and this could be reinforced or impeded by existing habits.
  • They are interdependent, in part determined by social institutions, marketed advertisement, and subject to learning (experience and observation) and habit formation (past-experience).
  • A neurocognitive model — the notion that the basal ganglia play a role in habit formation and that the frontal lobes are critical for normally suppressing or inhibiting such habits — sees trichotillomania as a habit disorder.
  • Emerging literature reports that a subset of patients suffering from restrictive anorexia nervosa have enhanced habit formation compared with healthy controls.
  • James noted that the laws of habit formation are unbiased, habits are capable of causing either good or bad actions.
  • In writing his own obituary he estimated that in his 50 years as a teacher he had ploughed "habit-formation grooves in the plastic brains" of over 4000 boys and girls and young men and women and said that he prized the title of "Teacher" more than any other honour.
  • Another article that was written by Grace Helen Kent is titled “Experiments on habit formation in dementia praecox.
  • The thrust is on acquisition of basic concepts and healthy habit formation.
  • His recent work has focused on computational predictive models of healthy habit formation in mobile health.
  • Duhigg's book about the science of habit formation, titled "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business", was published by Random House on February 28, 2012.
  • She is an expert on the basal ganglia and the neurophysiology of habit formation, implicit learning, and her work is relevant to Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, obsessive–compulsive disorder, substance abuse and other disorders that affect the basal ganglia.
  • "This may contribute to the initial reinforcing properties of alcohol and the risk for habit formation".
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