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habitat requirements
Standortansprüche {pl}
habitat requirements
Habitatansprüche {pl}
habitat requirements
Lebensraumansprüche {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'habitat requirements' von Englisch nach Deutsch

habitat requirements
Standortansprüche {pl}bot.ecol.

Habitatansprüche {pl}ecol.

Lebensraumansprüche {pl}ecol.
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  • Of all the species the mangrove fantail has the most restricted habitat requirements, being entirely restricted to mangrove forests over some of its range, although it can exist 3 km away in the absence of other fantails.
  • in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states in Brazil, or in parts of Argentina – its habitat requirements mean that it will to some degree benefit from deforestation and it has for example colonized regions of the former Mata Atlântica forest in Alagoas.
  • Habitat requirements for the Indiana bat are not completely understood.
  • Similarly, Freycinet and its surrounds are of significance to the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle and white-bellied sea eagle, with there being an overlap in management and habitat requirements of the swift parrot.
  • The locations where they were historically found have been greatly altered by human activity and the current habitats in these locations may not represent their normal habitat requirements.
  • Utreras presumed habitat requirements and availability would differ dramatically in the rainy season: estimating range sizes of 1.98 to as much as 19.55 square kilometres (0.76 to 7.55 sq miles) for the groups.
  • The habitat requirements for the queen snake are very specific, and this snake is never found in areas that lack clean running streams and watersheds with stony and rocky bottoms.
  • In other words, the niche is the sum of the habitat requirements and behaviors that allow a species to persist and produce offspring.
  • Verreaux's eagle has specific habitat requirements and is rare outside of its particular habitat type.
  • These duikers have extremely specific habitat requirements, being found only in areas of old-growth thicket, with the highest population densities (11.4±5.18 per km2) recorded in relatively undisturbed high thicket.
  • Some plants and animals have habitat requirements which are met in a wide range of locations.
  • Males generally exhibit larger home ranges than females, which some authors suggest is due to more specific habitat requirements of females (e.g., denning or prey requirements) that limit their ability to shift home range.
  • Aaron Fulton. "A Review of the Characteristics, Habitat Requirements, and Ecology of the Anadromous Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) in the Skeena Basin," June 15, 2004, 16.
  • Conservation actions proposed include more research is needed to clarify the habitat requirements, range size and population size of the species.
  • The research documented population dynamics of mountain lions in the northern Yellowstone ecosystem inside and outside the park boundary, determined home ranges and habitat requirements, and assessed the role of lions as a predator in the ecosystem.
  • Knowledge of species-level interactions, tolerances and habitat requirements is valuable for conservation of an endangered plant or animal species by ensuring its particular ecological requirements are met.
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