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habitat selection
Habitatselektion {f}
habitat selection
Habitatwahl {f}
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Übersetzung für 'habitat selection' von Englisch nach Deutsch

habitat selection
Habitatselektion {f}biol.zool.

Habitatwahl {f}orn.zool.
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  • The fall migration of Chukchi belugas is later, although summer and fall habitat selection has not changed.
  • After lambs are born in May, close proximity to escape terrain as well as nearby forage are important in habitat selection.
  • With the increase in human populations in North America, their habitat selection has adapted: Gray foxes that live near human populations tend to choose areas near hardwood trees, locations used primarily by humans, or roads to utilize as their habitat.
  • The great crested flycatcher's habitat selection may vary slightly with different populations, but can be most often found breeding in deciduous forests and at edges of clearings and mixed woodlands.
  • There are many examples of resource partitioning and habitat selection that are driven by aggressive and territorial behaviors in this group.
  • Males and females do not differ markedly in habitat selection.
  • In a study of habitat selection by male greater sage grouse in central Montana during breeding season, sagebrush height and canopy cover at 110 daytime feeding and loafing sites of cocks were recorded.
  • 1985 Z. Abramsky, MLR & S. Brand. Habitat selection in Israel desert rodents: comparison of a traditional and a new method of analysis, "Oikos" 45:79-88.
  • Optimal eastern meadow vole habitat consists of moist, dense grassland with substantial amounts of plant litter. Habitat selection is largely influenced by relative ground cover of grasses and forbs; soil temperature, moisture, sodium, potassium, and pH levels; humidity; and interspecific competition.
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