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NOUN   a habitat structure | habitat structures
habitat structure
Habitatstruktur {f}
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habitat structure
Habitatstruktur {f}ecol.
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  • By optimizing cheese production among the small farmers in the distribution area of the conure through a dairy specialist working on behalf of the Funds and the establishment of a brand for this production the long-term security of the habitat structure of the conure is assured at the same time.
  • Song characteristics will vary depending on habitat structure and ambient noise.
  • Human alteration modifies the habitat structure and affects foraging behavior and habitat selection.
  • This was suggested to be due to the change in habitat structure to open grass.
  • The most diversity occurs when there is both multiple levels of vegetation heights and varied spacing between vegetation to create complex habitat structure both vertically and horizontally because there are more places for species that live in different layers of the vegetation.
  • Human-caused disturbances include introduced flora and fauna species, and altered fire regimes that can result in changes to ecosystem-level processes, modify habitat structure and consequently affect fauna assemblages.
  • A third or composite type has compartments of both types within the same habitat structure and connected via airlocks, such as Aquarius.
  • Measuring habitat structure at multiple scales is typical in seascape ecology, particularly where a single meaningful scale is not known or not meaningful to the ecological process of interest.
  • These student biologists conduct regular fieldwork and ecological research in the reserve to monitor habitat structure and biodiversity.
  • Cattle can be an important tool to manage habitat structure for sharp-tailed grouse when managed properly (Evens 1968).
  • The site has a diverse habitat structure, including areas of ditch, hedgerow, grassland and ruderal/tall herbs.
  • Patches of tubes influence the habitat structure and are of consequence for the distribution and abundance of other species living under the seabed.
  • influences of habitat structure and complexity were insignificant.
  • The mission required two shuttle and three Proton launches to land two astronauts and a small habitat structure at Aristarchus crater.
  • Essentially the Newfoundland marten needs the jumble of dead and down timber that is provided by the old growth forests, where it allows for access under the snow during winter to small mammals providing the martens the resources needed to survive until spring; resources clearcuts cannot provide. Habitat structure required for a healthy marten population needs decades to develop and have individual home range requirements that are large for the small carnivore.
  • It can then be assumed that community structure reflects habitat structure; therefore, the most common species should indicate the most common habitat.
  • Mowing is unsuitable for maintaining the necessary habitat structures in most locations, as it encourages the development of closed, grass-dominated vegetation.
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