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NOUN   a habitat type | habitat types
habitat type
Habitattyp {m}
habitat type
Lebensraumtyp {m}
type of habitat
Habitattyp {m}
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Übersetzung für 'habitat type' von Englisch nach Deutsch

habitat type
Habitattyp {m}biol.ecol.

Lebensraumtyp {m}biol.ecol.

type of habitat
Habitattyp {m}ecol.
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  • The small home range of adult female tigers and consequent high density of tigers in this habitat type relative to other areas may be related to both the high density of prey and the small size of the Sundarban tigers.
  • The most adaptable species is the willie wagtail, which is abundant in every habitat type in Australia except for dense rainforest.
  • Based on a comprehensive list of ecoregions, The Global 200 includes all major habitat types (biomes), all ecosystem types, and species from every major habitat type.
  • The value of the proposed site is considered in relation to the whole national resource of each habitat type and of each species.
  • The habitat type is known as prairie in North America, pampas in South America, veld in Southern Africa and steppe in Asia.
  • This ancestor was most likely riverine in origin, based on the most parsimonious representation of habitat type in the cichlid family.
  • and do not specialize in one specific habitat type (although genera within the family often specialize).
  • The magnesian limestone grasslands managed by the Trust represent some of the finest examples of this particular habitat type, of which only 200 ha remain in the UK.
  • The males also select for upland or midland habitat type on the tops of ridges or hills.
  • These techniques include using varied gear types depending on target species and habitat type.
  • Hence, amphibians may be more vulnerable to habitat modification than organisms that only require one habitat type.
  • The owl's feeding habits changed based on the habitat type—owls in low-density suburban sites consumed almost double the amount of birds in non-breeding season as owls in high-density sites and triple that of owls in rural sites.
  • Knowing this, comparisons of bill length between individual song sparrows collected in different habitats were made with regard to the primary habitat type or microclimate that they were collected in.
  • The architecture of sooty shearwater burrows can vary within and between breeding colonies, and is influenced by competition for breeding space and habitat type, with soil under dense tussac grass being easier to excavate than other substrates.
  • Moldova's natural habitat is characterized by forest steppes, a temperate-climate habitat type composed of grassland interspersed with areas of woodland or forest.
  • Because the area used to contain many species of ants, rare birds and insectivorous plants, Surrey County Council embarked in 1989 upon a project to renew the heathland and encourage the return of the area to its original habitat type.
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