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NOUN   a habitat variable | habitat variables
habitat variable
Habitatvariable {f}
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habitat variable
Habitatvariable {f}biol.ecol.
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  • The amount of nectar in flowers at any given time is variable due to many factors, including flower age, plant location, and habitat management.
  • This region sustains diverse flora and fauna within its habitat areas, which are subject to Portland's moderate climate with variable temperatures and mild precipitation.
  • Selection of specific habitat characteristics and vegetation communities is variable among the different subspecies of sharp-tailed grouse.
  • Improved climate proxies show that the Pliocene climate of east Africa was highly variable, suggesting that adaptability to varying conditions was more important in driving hominin evolution than the steady pressure of a particular habitat.
  • Their back and flanks are most commonly bluish-grey in colour, overlain with irregular black speckling, but this can be highly variable depending on the habitat specimens come from, and can range from almost white to light grey-green, light brown, dark brown or almost black.
  • There will likely be a variable effect on these two groups of organisms as urbanization alters habitat uniformity.
  • Colour is highly variable and depends on water clarity and habitat; yabbies can range from black, blue-black, or dark brown in clear waters to light brown, green-brown, or beige in turbid waters.
  • Spotted owl home ranges are generally large but of variable size, with extents of [...] , depending on subspecies, habitat, and prey availability.
  • Tropical and subtropical coniferous forests are characterized by diverse species of conifers, whose needles are adapted to deal with the variable climatic conditions.
  • In Boreal Toads, the effects of the chytrid fungus are highly variable, with some populations experiencing total extirpation due to exposure and others experiencing a chronic disease cycle in which low transmission rates lead to a 5% year to year population decrease.
  • It has a variable but prominent white forehead patch similar to its near relative, the Senegal lapwing, but in contrast shows a prominent white wingbar in flight, bordered by black remiges.
  • Predation by the red fox and feral cats, as well as variable seasonal patterns and overhunting by indigenous Australians, were blamed for the extinction of this species.
  • Depths are variable due to the tidal nature of the Hull.
  • suchus", the appearance of the Nile crocodile "sensu lato" was found to be more variable than that of any other currently recognized crocodile species, and at least some of these variations were related to locality.
  • There is a kind of continuum with three semi-distinct categories dealing with anthropogenic hybridization: hybridization without introgression, hybridization with widespread introgression (backcrossing with one of the parent species), and hybrid swarms (highly variable populations with much interbreeding as well as backcrossing with the parent species).
  • The climate of Long Pond PA is variable, and ecosystems vary considerably.
  • A further four Nationally Threatened or At Risk species occur on the coast of Kapiti Island including the black shag, the Caspian tern, the pied shag and the variable oystercatcher.
  • The quantity and quality of food intake were variable among rhinoceroses and over time.
  • These include coral communities that handle high sea surface temperature (SST); areas with variable SSTs and carbonate chemistry and areas adjacent to undeveloped low-lying inland areas that coastal habitats can expand into as sea levels rise.
  • In a study of the boring morphological diversity of Osedax, it was shown that the species difference of bone-boring is highly variable; within the same species, the boring morphology is only consistent in a particular bone, but not consistent in different bones.
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