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NOUN   a habitat | habitats
habitatsLebensräume {pl}
Habitate {pl}
Habitats Directive
Flora-Fauna-Habitat-Richtlinie {f} <FFH-RL>
Habitats Directive
Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Richtlinie {f} <FFH-RL>
habitats directive
Habitatrichtlinie {f} [umfasst mehrere Habitate oder Habitate allgemein]
open habitats
Offenlandbiotope {pl}
in moist habitats {adv}
an feuchten Standorten
Council Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora [Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive]
Richtlinie {f} 92/43/EWG des Rates vom 21. Mai 1992 zur Erhaltung der natürlichen Lebensräume sowie der wildlebenden Tiere und Pflanzen [Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Richtlinie]
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  • "Mandarina " live in various habitats including arboreal, semi-arboreal, ground habitats, wet habitats and dry habitats.
  • Its natural habitats are rocky habitats with Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation. It can also occur in lightly grazed or cultivated areas.
  • Its natural habitats are temperate forests, rocky areas, caves, and subterranean habitats (other than caves).
  • Its natural habitats are tropical dry forests, subterranean habitats (other than caves), and man-made karsts.
  • Its natural habitats are forested floodplains, ditches, streamsides, and seepages. With wet weather, the species may enter wooded terrestrial habitats.
  • Its natural habitats are very humid to humid premontane forests and dry forest.
  • Further examples of mesic habitats include streamsides, wet meadows, springs, seeps, irrigated fields, and high elevation habitats.
  • cattleyanum" grows effectively in undisturbed areas, complicating restoration efforts in sensitive habitats.
  • Much of the "Hipparchia semele"’s common habitats, such as heathlands, have started to become transformed into agricultural land.
  • Can be found growing in open habitats such as wet meadows, marshes and in coastal habitats.
  • There are many habitats within the park including estuaries, eelgrass beds, salmon spawning, waterfowl nesting, and sea otter habitats.
  • This species can be found in coastal habitats but has also been observed in native forest habitats.
  • These shield bugs live in many habitats where host plants are present. They prefer dry and warm habitats, especially with sandy soil.
  • Gray langurs can adapt to a variety of habitats. They inhabit arid habitats like deserts, tropical habitats like tropical rainforests and temperate habitats like coniferous forests, deciduous habitats and mountains habitats.
  • As habitats that sequester carbon are altered and decreased, that stored amount of C is being released into the atmosphere, continuing the current accelerated rate of climate change.
  • The two main habitats of the SSSI are the sand dunes of Holywell Bay and the calcareous grassland of Cubert Common.
  • Blue racers prefer open and semi-open habitats, savanna, old field shoreline, and edge habitats. A mosaic of these habitats is likely required to fulfill the ecological needs of "C. c. foxii".
  • The tailed orange lives in a variety of open habitats such as open woodlands, deserts and subtropical habitats.
  • Natterjack toads are specialists in open, sparsely vegetated habitats which may be at an early seral stage.
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