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sb. has confessedjd. hat gestanden [gebeichtet, eingestanden]
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Übersetzung für 'has confessed' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. has confessed
jd. hat gestanden [gebeichtet, eingestanden]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Bela, heartbroken, in a fit of jealousy lies to Usha that Ashok has confessed his love for her and is playing a double game.
  • Crain goes to Burke's office, but Burke reveals that the painter has confessed to the killing.
  • The Infanta has confessed to Chimène that she too loves Rodrigue, but as she is not allowed to love a mere knight Rodrigue could proceed to marry Chimène.
  • Buffy and Dawn stroll downtown, but there are very few stores where Dawn can show her face: she has confessed to shoplifting at most of them.
  • He has confessed to being "a terrible record collector". He was a named supporter of the restoration by Arrow Films of Walerian Borowczyk's film Goto, l'île d'amour.
  • Soon Waits has confessed to a string of slayings involving prostitutes and runaways, as well as to two earlier murders: one of a pawnshop owner during the 1992 riots, the other of Marie Gesto.
  • Scene 4: Orestes arrives, sword in hand, and urges Iphigenia to flee with him. She reveals that she has confessed to the King.
  • Baddeley is a committed Christian and has confessed that it was his faith that prevented him giving up professional golf on numerous occasions.
  • One of the assassins has been killed, and the other has confessed to the murder.
  • Gibelli has two brothers and has confessed that she prefers male friendships over female since she grew up playing with her brothers.
  • Brown herself has confessed that she was unhappy with the storyline as she felt playing illness was not productive at her age.
  • He has confessed that he prefers writing books to film writing.
  • Carrie has been described as someone who lives for fashion, and has confessed to buying "Vogue" instead of dinner.
  • While the jury is deliberating Rickey flees the country since he has confessed to murder. Jimmy tracks him down in Mexico and persuades him that his trial strategy will work.
  • He seeks the doctor's advice, but the doctor tells Xavier that his wife has confessed everything, and tells him to stop seeing her.
  • In the traditional Chinese legal system, a person could not be convicted of a crime unless he has confessed.
  • By contrast, in an inquisitorial system, the fact that the defendant has confessed is merely one more fact that is entered into evidence, and a confession by the defendant does not remove the requirement that the prosecution present a full case.
  • Awraz Abd Aziz Mahmoud Sa'eed, known as al-Kurdi, has confessed to helping plan the attack for Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi.
  • As Sergeant Lee Soo-hyeok has confessed to the shootings, Sophie investigates why the two Koreas have contradicting accounts of events; Soo-hyeok's states he was knocked out and kidnapped while relieving himself and, waking tied up in the North Korean border house, secretly freed himself and shot three North Korean soldiers, leaving two dead.
  • These interviews cover what the church believes to be the most important factors of personal morality and worthiness, including whether the person has a basic belief in key church doctrines such as the divinity of Jesus and the restoration; whether the person attends church meetings and supports the leadership of the LDS Church; whether the person affiliates with Mormon fundamentalists or other people considered by the church to be apostate; whether the person is honest and lives the law of chastity and the Word of Wisdom; whether the person abuses family members; whether the person pays tithing and any applicable spousal or child support; and whether the person has confessed to serious past sins.
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