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sb. has diedjd. ist tot geblieben [regional] [ugs.]
He has died. Er ist nicht mehr. [geh., veraltend: Er ist gestorben.]
sb./sth. has / had diedjd./etw. ist / war gestorben
The Knight Has Died [Cees Nooteboom]
Der Ritter ist gestorben
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  • Esau is furious and vows to kill Jacob as soon as their father has died.
  • In modern Scotland this practice has died out.
  • She is the one who notices Gregor has died and disposes of his body.
  • After the monk is crucified and killed by natives, Anthony returns to Italy to find Bonnyfeather has died.
  • They can only survive for about three days after their host has died, and they typically use phoresis, which is hitching a ride from a fly, as an attempt to reach a new host.
  • If a divorce is obtained for any other reason, remarriage is considered adulterous unless the prior spouse has died or is since considered to have committed sexual immorality.
  • Kseniya (or Xenia), clutching a portrait of "Prince Ivan", her betrothed who has died, sings a brief mournful aria ("Where are you, my bridegroom?
  • By falsely telling Aida that Radamès has died in the battle, she tricks her into professing her love for him.
  • Zombie processes should not be confused with orphan processes: an orphan process is a process that is still executing, but whose parent has died.
  • The recitation of the mourner's prayer is done for the soul of an individual who has died.
  • In Resurrection, Spawn is revived and is later told by God in dog form that Wanda has died and is now trapped in Hell, where Al must rescue her.
  • In October 1982, "The New York Times" reported that sales had fallen and that "the craze has died", However, in some countries such as China and the USSR, the craze had started later and demand was still high because of a shortage of Cubes.
  • One worker has died since the bridge was completed.
  • Harvey is released and given his ring back, after it has been examined; he is told that his friend has died of "heart failure".
  • While the House of Sforza has died out over the last [...] century, it is closely related to the Castellini Baldissera family, who inherited a number of their palazzos and estates.
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