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heroine epic
Heldinnenepos {n}
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Übersetzung für 'heroine epic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

heroine epic
Heldinnenepos {n}lit.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Rachel Bluntzer Hebert's epic-length poem "Shadows on the Nueces" and Teresa Palomo Acosta's poem "Chipita" both portray Rodriguez as a heroine.
  • In this epic, Rama is the hero and chief character, Sita is the heroine, and Dasa-Giri is the villain demon.
  • Hà Kiều Anh starred in Lục Vân Tiên (film) a 2002 Vietnamese TV film directed by Phương Điền based on a Lục Vân Tiên, a 19th-century epic poem, as the heroine Kiều Nguyệt Nga.
  • Bradamante (occasionally spelled Bradamant) is a fictional knight heroine in two epic poems of the Renaissance: "Orlando Innamorato" by Matteo Maria Boiardo and "Orlando Furioso" by Ludovico Ariosto.
  • The Bengali folk epic Manasamangal mentions "Netidhopani" and has some passages set in the Sundarbans during the heroine Behula's quest to bring her husband "Lakhindar" back to life.
  • Praising its "powerful pro-LGBT message and striking visuals," "Notion" hailed the video as an "homage to the year two thousand and gayteen – and proves that next year is going to be just as epic for Australia’s rising pop heroine."
  • An epic play about a heroine of the French Resistance who was the daughter of a renowned Indian musician who first brought Sufism to the West, "SOUNDWAVES: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan", presented first at The Brecht Forum, later by Bridge Theatre Group at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2013 and again by EnActe Arts Theatre.
  • This is considered as the one of the ancient temples of Mattakkalappu Desam (Batti - Ampara districts nowadays) made for Kannaki Amman, the heroine of the great Tamil epic Silappatikaram.
  • In this epic tale of competing shamans, the Godma is waiting for a heroine from the future.
  • Other popular scenarios for bondage in art was that of Angelica from the 15th century epic poem "Orlando Innamorato", which is itself a continuation of the romantic epic saga "Orlando Furioso", which is similar to that of Andromeda in that the heroine is offered as a sacrifice to the sea gods; and the damsel in distress theme.
  • The hero of the story Sheh Mureed (or Shaih Moreed) and the heroine Hani are symbols of pure and tragic love.
  • LeRoy's "Waterloo Bridge" (1940), served as a vehicle to capitalize upon the meteoric rise of Vivien Leigh, heroine of David O.
  • Her performance as the eponymous heroine in the 2011 romantic drama "Sanju Weds Geetha" garnered her further critical success and a Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actress.
  • The piece tells the tragic story of the eponymous heroine from the "Kalevala", although the Finnish-language text—"Ring, Kantele, Ring!
  • , "shadow Sita") is the illusionary duplicate of the goddess Sita (the heroine in the texts), who is abducted by the demon-king Ravana of Lanka instead of the real Sita.
  • The heroine of the story, Rudāba, offers her hair so that her love interest Zāl may enter the harem where she lives.
  • Marusia Bohuslavka was a legendary heroine who lived in Ukraine in the 16th or 17th century.
  • There are three books in the series each following a new heroine and setting.
  • In most of the ballads of this type, both heroine and the serpent's mother burn the animal skin; the serpent may die or live, according to the version.
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