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SYNO hierarchal | hierarchic | hierarchical
hierarchical {adj}hierarchisch
2 Wörter
hierarchical compositionhierarchischer Aufbau {m}
hierarchical decompositionhierarchische Zerlegung {f}
hierarchical definitionhierarchische Festlegung {f}
hierarchical levelHierarchieebene {f}
hierarchical menu
hierarchisches Menü {n}
hierarchical structureHierarchiestruktur {f}
hierarchical structure
Stufenbau {m}
hierarchical structuringhierarchische Strukturierung {f}
3 Wörter
hierarchical anxiety questionnaire <HAQ>
hierarchischer Angstfragebogen {m} <HAF>
hierarchical storage management <HSM>
hierarchisches Speichermanagement {n} <HSM>
5+ Wörter
hierarchical object-oriented programming language extensions <HOOPLE>
hierarchische objektorientierte Programmiersprachenerweiterung {f}
12 Übersetzungen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • On the other hand, languages include a variety of phenomena that are not hierarchical.
  • It is not used when discussing hierarchical routing or hierarchical network topologies, as packets can be transferred both ways.
  • Building on Magoroh Maruyama's concept of mindscape, mindset includes a cultural and social orientation: hierarchical and egalitarian individualism, hierarchical and egalitarian collectivism, hierarchic and egalitarian synergism, and hierarchical and egalitarian populism.
  • When a natural or artificial system is intrinsically hierarchical, the joint distribution on system variables should provide evidence of this hierarchical structure.
  • Multiple variants of hierarchical clustering with a "medoid linkage" have been proposed.
  • Computationally, hierarchical FSMs are equivalent to FSMs. That means that each hierarchical FSM can be converted to a classical FSM. However, hierarchical approaches facilitate designs better.
  • Hierarchical routing is a method of routing in networks that is based on hierarchical addressing.
  • She studies the process by which hierarchical societies with hierarchical languages gradually dominated and eliminated peaceful, non-hierarchical societies.
  • Data clustering algorithms can be hierarchical or partitional.
  • Ideas from density-based clustering methods (in particular the DBSCAN/OPTICS family of algorithms) have been adapted to subspace clustering (HiSC, hierarchical subspace clustering and DiSH) and correlation clustering (HiCO, hierarchical correlation clustering, 4C using "correlation connectivity" and ERiC exploring hierarchical density-based correlation clusters).
  • GTTM focuses on four hierarchical systems that shape our musical intuitions.
  • An alternative hierarchical grid is the Hierarchical Triangular Mesh (HTM).
  • In Python, namespaces are defined by the individual modules, and since modules can be contained in hierarchical packages, then namespaces are hierarchical too.
  • Hierarchical RNN connects elements in various ways to decompose hierarchical behavior into useful subprograms.
  • Like nacre and the other mineralized tissues, bone has a hierarchical structure that is also formed by the self-assembly of smaller components.
  • The cognitive model can be represented by various hierarchical structures.
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