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NOUN   a huckster | hucksters
SYNO cheap-jack | huckster | to chaffer | ...
to huckster sth. [Am.]etw.Akk. verhökern [ugs.]
hucksterKrämer {m}
hucksterHausierer {m}
hucksterProfitmacher {m}
Höker {m} [veraltet] [Kleinhändler, Straßenhändler]
huckster [Am.] [publicity agent or advertising copywriter]
Werbefritze {m} [ugs.] [leicht pej.]
huckster [Am.] [advertising copywriter]
Werbetexter {m}
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  • Mr Tuck – A huckster who drinks too much. Wants Fielding to join him in India. Married to the much younger Angela.
  • After leaving the Navy in July 1865, he returned to the Philadelphia area, where he raised a large family and earned his living as a huckster.
  • The riot was organized by Mary Jackson, a huckster and the mother of a soldier.
  • In recent years, he has adopted the persona of an "expatriate con man and medicine show huckster from the early 20th century," and he has headlined such venues as the World Steam Expo.
  • A struggling talent agent and huckster, Sammy Kamin, travels to Romania on business after splitting up with his wife.
  • Johann Tetzel, described by Osborne as "an ecclesiastical huckster", addresses a crowd of local people, persuading them to part with their money in exchange for papal indulgences (originally a remission of penance in exchange for a pious donation, but by 1517 represented by such as Tetzel as complete absolution for all sins) .
  • In the song "There Only Was One Choice" by Harry Chapin one line refers to huckster of belief.
  • Graham (described in the 1880 census as a "huckster") and Mary E.
  • Mortimer Franklyn, an American huckster of dubious editorial and journalistic ability but considerable panache.
  • The party relished the endorsement, but contemporary FBI records indicate some critics of the perceived huckster were expelled from the party for protesting the alliance.
  • John Greaves Nall's "Glossary of East Anglian Dialect", originally published in 1866, conjectured that the word 'horkey' referred to the hallooing that followed the feast and was connected with the Norse "hauka", to shout, that is also found in the words 'hawker' and 'huckster'.
  • James searches out Marley Gummer, a veteran conman and huckster who had been among the men to rescue James from his fall and the first to note James's unusual nature.
  • The tokens commemorated the fact that Hall had employed Dunstan as a huckster at his exhibits at the Bartholomew Fair.
  • James LeRoy "Rusty" Hevelin (February 16, 1922 – December 27, 2011) was a science fiction fan, fanzine publisher, collector and huckster.
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