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NOUN   a hysteric | hysterics
hystericsHysterie {f}
hystericshysterischer Anfall {m}
hysterics [female persons]Hysterikerinnen {pl}
hysterics [persons]Hysteriker {pl}
2 Wörter
to have hystericshysterisch werden
to have hystericseinen hysterischen Anfall bekommen
3 Wörter
to be in hystericshysterisch sein
to be in hystericseinen hysterischen Anfall haben
to go into hystericshysterisch werden
to go into hystericseinen hysterischen Anfall bekommen
to set sb. in hystericsjdn. zum Rasen bringen
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  • The people who have had encounters with these creatures seem to go into hysterics and are usually deemed "temporarily insane."
  • The show was created by the Optimystix Entertainment, this Mega Laugh Riot with the tag line of 'Jodi Jamegi, Public Hassegi' guarantees hysterics on Sony TV.
  • Steed and Mrs Peel overcome these criminals but not before laughing gas is set off leaving them in hysterics.
  • Such preservative repression takes effect by way of a splitting of the ego, producing a 'distinction between "constitutive dynamic repression" apparent in hysterics, and the "preservative repression" specific to cryptophores'.
  • In April 2005, she condemned, as "twin brothers" within "Les Verts", the "small group of hysterics of the Arab cause" and the "Hysterics of the Jewish Defence League".
  • The book's title allegedly comes from a news broadcast, heard by Burroughs, about a fire at a circus during which the announcer broke into hysterics on reading the line.
  • In the film "The Producers", Leo Bloom is prone to panic attacks and to keep himself calm, he carries a fragment of his childhood blue blanket everywhere he goes and goes into hysterics when someone takes it from him until they give it back to him.
  • In May 2020, media professor Bernhard Pörksen told the dpa press agency that labeling the protesters as "paranoids", "hysterics", or similar wholesale attacks would only antagonize them and only serve to make it more difficult to reach the important goal of cooling down the debate.
  • A report comes in for a missing boy, and Jack hears his mum's hysterics.
  • Paul Briquet or Pierre Briquet (12 January 1796 – 25 January 1881) was a French physician and psychologist who advanced the reasoned treatment of disturbed people said to be hysterics.
  • "Le Pétomane" is a 1979 British short humorous film based on the life of "Le Pétomane", the stage name of the late 19th century French flatulist (professional farter) and entertainer Joseph Pujol who was famous for his remarkable control of the abdominal muscles, which enabled him to seemingly fart at will and whose 'farting' performances at the Moulin Rouge in Paris drove his audiences to hysterics.
  • His questions drive Lidka to hysterics and she runs for help to her friend surgeon Rudik.
  • The studio audience collapsed in hysterics, but the duration and urgency of Rover's impressively hydraulic performance might have led some cynics to question just how impromptu the event really was.
  • It was not completely finished for the first showing, so Hinkson and the rest of the company were in hysterics finishing costumes and choreography last minute.
  • Clarissa throws her food bowl and laughs in hysterics, then starts crying.
  • The laughter ranges from very quiet to loud convulsive hysterics, which are said to be accompanied by temporary dissociation.
  • When Helene goes into hysterics, Van Zandt has her put in a straitjacket.
  • "The Independent" said the movie was part of "the new sadism in cinema" and added, "There is something disconcerting about sitting in a crowded cinema as an audience guffaws at the latest garroting or falls about in hysterics as someone is beheaded or has a limb lopped off".
  • He goes running through the hotel yelling about ghosts, and the daughters themselves are scared into hysterics by Paillardin unexpectedly appearing in their room.
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