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NOUN   an ichneumon wasp | ichneumon wasps
ichneumon wasps [family Ichneumonidae]
Schlupfwespen {pl}
ichneumon wasps [family Ichneumonidae]
Echte Schlupfwespen {pl} [auch: Schlupfwespen im engeren Sinne]
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  • Lycorininae is a monotypic subfamily of ichneumon wasps. The mere thirty species or so comprise the single genus "Lycorina". In older sources, they may be included in the Banchinae.
  • "Megarhyssa", also known as giant ichneumonid wasps, giant ichneumons, or stump stabbers, is a genus of large ichneumon wasps, with some species known for having the longest ovipositors of any insects.
  • "Menaca" is a genus of ichneumon wasps in the tribe Limneriini.
  • Prey consists of a variety of spiders and insects, including caterpillars, ichneumon wasps, beetles, flies and ants.
  • Flies in this family have elongated bodies and resemble ichneumon wasps in shape. The base of the abdomen is constricted. The antennae have three segments.
  • "Tolonus" is a genus of ichneumon wasps in the subfamily Cryptinae.
  • Limneriini is a tribe of ichneumon wasps in the subfamily Campopleginae.
  • "Nemeritis" is a genus of ichneumon wasps.
  • "Hellwigia" is a genus of ichneumon wasps.
  • "Polycyrtus" is a genus of ichneumon wasps in the subfamily Cryptinae. There are more than 160 species of "Polycyrtus", found in the Americas.
  • "Nesolinoceras laluzbrillante" is a species of ichneumon wasps. It is known from the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.
  • "Trychosis ingrata" is an insect that belongs to the order Hymenoptera and the family of ichneumon wasps (Ichneumonidae).
  • "Cystomastacoides" are typical ichneumon wasps which are infamous for their fatal reproductive habits.
  • "Rhyssa" is a genus of ichneumon wasps belonging to the family Ichneumonidae subfamily Rhyssinae.
  • "Praeichneumon" is an extinct genus of ichneumon wasps from the Lower Cretaceous of Mongolia and the Russian region of Transbaikalia.
  • "Wuda" is a genus of ichneumon wasps in the subfamily Cryptinae, tribe Cryptini and subtribe Ceratocryptina. Species have an Oriental distribution.
  • novozealandicus," like all Ichneumon wasps are extremely beneficial to agriculture since they parasitize mostly pest species.
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