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if relevant {adv}falls relevant
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Übersetzung für 'if relevant' von Englisch nach Deutsch

if relevant {adv}
falls relevant
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • TOAT can also hold shares in other companies if relevant to TOAT's business.
  • The transport necessary between these stages is also taken into account as well as, if relevant, extra stages such as reuse, remanufacture, and recycle.
  • This was a collection of translations and essays on various deuterocanonical books, pseudepigrapha and other essays with a translation if relevant.
  • They may also ask for a refund on tickets used already if the flight no longer serves any purpose in relation to their original travel plan, and, if relevant, a flight back to their original point of departure at the earliest opportunity.
  • The book shows the dates (and if relevant the locations) of the messages and is thus also a record of Father Gobbi's travels as he holds prayer cenacles.
  • They seek to have the memorial list the name, age, and employer, and if relevant, the rank and assignment of the victim.
  • Some people maybe excluded from the hearing if it would be in the benefit of the child/young person. If relevant persons, their representatives and/or (if necessary) the press are excluded, the "substance" of the discussion which took place needs to be discussed on their return.
  • Taking an objective approach to an issue means having due regard for the known valid evidence (relevant facts, logical implications and viewpoints and human purposes) pertaining to that issue. If relevant valid evidence is denied, an objective approach is impossible.
  • Each move is notated by a sequence of characters that is structured based on the move's type. Special indicators are added to the end of the sequence if relevant.
  • Upon application and if the applicant has no unspent relevant convictions the licensing authority must grant a Personal Licence, now with no expiry date attached. If relevant convictions are disclosed then the Licensing Authority must send a copy of the application to the local Police, who can object within 14 days.
  • Occasionally the psychologist will include other family members if relevant.
  • Article 6 requires member states to keep any variations of the minimum wage "to a minimum" and ensure they are "non-discriminatory, proportionate, limited in time if relevant, and objectively and reasonably justified by a legitimate aim".
  • As the sequence of trios goes forward in time, the tree ends when the last incident occurs, but if relevant can also take into account what happened after the incident (such as emergency response).
  • Every month home owners in Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford are receiving information illustrating tradesmen types, the specific services they offer, their contact details and any certified membership organisations they may be members of if relevant.
  • "The qualitative and/or quantitative evaluation of the likely intake of biological, chemical, and physical agents via food as well as exposures from other sources if relevant."
  • An investigation looks at employment records and documents to find out the facts of a workplace complaint and to decide if relevant parties have complied with Commonwealth workplace laws.
  • The starting river tile is called the source (a river tile with a single river edge) and the final river tile is called the lake (again with a single river edge); players take turns placing all twelve river tiles to start the game, including follower placement and scoring, if relevant, then after the lake river tile has been played, proceed to place the remaining 71 terrain tiles.
  • The amount that will be ordered is based upon the parties' disclosed costs estimates, and will take into account the percentage of costs that have been ordered to be paid; any order for Indemnity Basis costs, if relevant, and any costs that are due to the paying party.
  • clinical teaching" because he suggested patient race should only be mentioned if relevant to their diagnosis; he is also credited with combating anti-Semitism.
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