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Übersetzung für 'if requested' von Englisch nach Deutsch

if requested
auf Wunsch
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  • Regulating high blood pressure, diabetes and drug use may reduce the risk of a stillbirth. Umbilical cord constriction may be identified and observed by ultrasound, if requested.
  • A person who is searched may be required to remove their headgear, footwear, outer coat, jacket or gloves, but nothing else whilst in public. If requested, a form must be given stating that the person/vehicle was stopped.
  • Another major difference between the senior military colleges and civilian colleges is that under federal law, graduates of the SMCs are guaranteed active duty assignments if requested with the approval of the school's professor of military science.
  • Once the warrant has been issued, section 29 of the code requires that the arresting officer must give notice to the accused of the existence of the warrant, the reason for it, and produce it if requested, if it is feasible to do so.
  • Library staff members will bring library materials directly to your home if requested.
  • The department also provides assistance to other nearby departments, such as the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia and the Prince George's County Police Department, if requested.
  • Swift stated that the contracts were negotiable and the particular clause could be removed if requested.
  • When conducting applicants' professional reviews for Chartered Engineer status, the Institution of Engineering and Technology accepts applications in Welsh and will conduct face-to-face interviews in Welsh if requested to do so.
  • Believing that the Lieutenant Governor would have to call an election if requested before the confidence vote, Miller refused to do so since he believed the party's finances to be too fragile for a second campaign and that repudiating a key Davis policy would tear the party apart.
  • Central police forces can assist a state's police force if requested by a state government.
  • However, if the device trying to connect knows the address of the device, it always responds to direct connection requests and transmits the information shown in the list above if requested.
  • Similar accommodations are available if requested for a wide range of ancillary events that enrich the OSF experience, such as backstage tours, Prefaces, Prologues, and Park Talks and accessible parking is available nearby.
  • The President can also dissolve Parliament before the completion of one year, if requested to do so by resolution signed by at least half the MPs.
  • The certificate in full must be presented to a police station within ten days if requested by an officer.
  • More than this, the train would also often stop to pick up passengers at other places on the lineside footpath, if requested.
  • A Stadtbus only stops if requested by the passengers and was established for older residents and the population surrounding the historic center of the town.
  • The signatures are then uploaded to the server or mailed directly to the key owner (if requested).
  • If requested by the chief constable of one of the forces mentioned above, a BTP constable takes on all the powers and privileges of members of the requesting force.
  • This information is printed on the fire ticket, and can be read by the dispatcher if requested.
  • One injection alone has a success rate of about 80%; if requested, a second injection can be given 1–2 weeks later.
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