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in the proper sense {adv}im eigentlichen Sinn
in the proper sense {adv}im eigentlichen Sinne
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Übersetzung für 'in the proper sense' von Englisch nach Deutsch

in the proper sense {adv}
im eigentlichen Sinn

im eigentlichen Sinne
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Those who have taken simple vows in the Society of Jesus were also regulars in the proper sense according to the Constitution "Ascendente" of Pope Gregory XIII.
  • While Romanesque buildings in the proper sense are not found here, influences from Auvergne, Berry and Bourguignon are combined.
  • However, following "Romanum decet Pontificem", only three of the eight popes of the 18th century did not make a nephew or brother cardinal, and two of the three were members of monastic orders, that is without a family in the proper sense.
  • is an oasis (in the proper sense: a desert spring or other water source), 45km by road south of Atar and popular with tourists in Mauritania.
  • A curve that consists of a horizontal line segment (a line at constant coordinate time), may represent a rod in spacetime and would not be a world line in the proper sense.
  • A "Tigrayan dynasty" in the proper sense never came into existence, the competing dynasties of the respective Tigray provinces being too strong.
  • Since then, (Upper) Saxon merely refers to a colloquial, regional variety of Standard German and not a dialect in the proper sense.
  • The Bundschuh movement was not a movement in the proper sense, but a number of loosely linked local conspiracies and planned uprisings.
  • Though he was neither a poet nor a philologist in the proper sense – al-Jāḥiẓ took a keen interest in almost any imaginable subject – the book is considered to have started Arabic literary theory in a formal, systemic fashion.
  • According to Christopher Lee, "only the technicians, working with a grim sense of purpose, were pros in the proper sense.
  • A consortium of merchants of Lagos, sometimes referred to as the "Companhia de Lagos" ('Lagos Company', although it was probably little more than a temporary association of merchants, rather than an incorporated company in the proper sense), applied to Henry for a license.
  • So, at the start of the 21st century, the problem of hominids transforming into humans in the proper sense of the phrase has acquired a philosophical explanation, on the basis of the discovery of the logic governing the development of the essence of human nature – mind.
  • In his debate with Paul Helm, Craig explains that he would call himself an "Arminian" "in the proper sense."
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