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in the protection of {prep}zum Schutz [+Gen.]
in the protection of {prep}beim Schutz [+Gen.]
in the protection of {prep}zum Schutz von [+Dat.]
in the protection of {prep}beim Schutz von [+Dat.]
Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict
Haager Konvention {f} zum Schutz von Kulturgut bei bewaffneten Konflikten
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  • For instance, Fianna Fáil usually allowed a free vote on abortion bills, as in the Protection of Human Life In Pregnancy Act.
  • As well as a mission to gather intelligence, GCHQ has for a long time had a corresponding mission to assist in the protection of the British government's own communications.
  • The Security Council is now involved in the protection of civilians in five main areas of action.
  • It has no role in the protection of civilian networks.
  • A nuclear bunker buster negates most of the countermeasures involved in the protection of underground bunkers by penetrating the defenses prior to detonating.
  • The main difference between production of powders for human or for animal consumption is in the protection of the process and the product from contamination.
  • which may have important conservational consequences in the protection of migratory raptors.
  • Harrison Medal is one of two medals "granted to sworn members of the fire and police departments who have performed distinguished acts of bravery in the protection of life or property", the other being the Lambert Tree Award.
  • and in 1980 "It cannot be denied that the CPDH continues to play an important role in the protection of human rights, and that a good number of people who consider that their human rights have been ignored by the Government are constantly coming to it."
  • They are, thus, involved in thyroid-hormone regulation, participating in the protection of thyrocytes from damage by H2O2 produced for thyroid-hormone biosynthesis.
  • Founded in 2003 by Stewart, the principal purposes of the Tony Stewart Foundation are to raise and donate funds to help care for chronically ill children, drivers injured in motorsports activities, and to support other charitable organizations in the protection of various animal species.
  • After his expulsion, Koštunica worked at the Institute of Social Sciences, and from 1981 at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, where he engaged in the protection of human rights, specifically in the defence of freedom of thought and expression.
  • However the party was also socially liberal, believing in the protection of the environment and minority rights.
  • "Grampus" continued her duties in the protection of shipping in the Caribbean Sea and in the South Atlantic Ocean until August 1841, when she was detached from the Africa Squadron while lying at Boston Navy Yard and attached to the Home Squadron at Norfolk, Virginia on 23 January 1843.
  • One of the first projects of WWF was assisting in the creation of the Charles Darwin Research Foundation which aided in the protection of diverse range of unique species existing on the Galápagos’ Islands, Ecuador.
  • This followed a decade of intensive petitioning by environmental groups and a lawsuit against the Department of the Interior for alleged negligence in the protection of endangered species through failure to evaluate and list them.
  • In the anime trilogy, while Mothra never made a physical appearance, she was mentioned in "Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle" to have been killed by Godzilla years prior, though her egg ended up in the protection of the Houtua people, a species of evolved humans who adapted Mothra-like features to survive the now Godzilla ruled Earth.
  • She was called upon to take a central role in the protection of the Everglades when she was 79 years old.
  • The first step in the protection of the area began in 1868 when the British forest department established control over the land and prohibited cultivation and the operation of cattle stations.
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