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injection pressure
Einspritzdruck {m}
injection pressure
Zementierdruck {m}
high-pressure direct injection <HDI>
HDI-Einspritzung {f}
high-pressure direct injection <HDI>
Hochdruck-Direkteinspritzung {f} <HDI>
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  • The common rail is a fuel injection technology which uses "common rail" as a reservoir to supply fuel injector with fuel operating at injection pressure up 1600 bar.
  • Design of the unit injector eliminates the need for high-pressure fuel pipes, and with that their associated failures, as well as allowing for much higher injection pressure to occur.
  • During routine energy production, the injection pressure is maintained at just below the level that would cause further pressure-stimulation of the surrounding rock mass, in order to maximize energy production while limiting further reservoir growth.
  • Tonnage is required on all machines so that the clamps of the machine do not open due to the injection pressure.
  • Methods to help prevent peripheral nerve injuries include injection pressure monitoring.
  • One Lugeon (Lu) is equivalent to one litre of water per minute, injected into 1 metre of borehole at an injection pressure of 10 atmospheres.
  • A control unit MR monitors all engine operating conditions via several sensors and varies the injection pressure to suit each operating condition.
  • The injection pressure of modern CR systems ranges from 140 MPa to 270 MPa.
  • 0 Multijet in various areas, such as a higher injection pressure (2,000 Bar instead of 1,600 Bar) with Injector Rate Shaping, an oil pump with variable displacement and counterbalance-shafts to reduce noises and vibrations.
  • Several early mechanical injection systems used relatively sophisticated helix-controlled injection pump(s) that both metered fuel and created injection pressure.
  • When the injection pressure increases, the melt will push back on the needle head and try to open the nozzle.
  • This injection system is known as HPI (high pressure injection) where the injectors are cam-actuated to create injection pressure.
  • with maximum RPM raised from 6800 to 7500 rpm and includes a larger intake manifold, increased injection pressure and a new exhaust system that scavenges the cylinders more quickly.
  • The STEYR M1 engine is a turbocharged diesel engine with high pressure unit injectors with two stage injection nozzles, providing up to 2,000 bar injection pressure.
  • Low viscosity materials require low injection pressure in order to inject into a cavity.
  • This fuel system provides ultra-high injection pressure up to [...] in order to promote the clean diesel engine.
  • 4 was re-engineered with Multi-Jet technology which allows up to five injections per cycle, second stage common rail, with a maximum injection pressure of 1400 bar and four valves per cylinder, to output a class-leading [...].
  • In both systems the injection pressure has been increased to [...].
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