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NOUN   an injection rate | injection rates
injection rate [natural gas storage]
Einpressleistung {f} [Gastechnik]
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Übersetzung für 'injection rate' von Englisch nach Deutsch

injection rate [natural gas storage]
Einpressleistung {f} [Gastechnik]engin.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Computer control to monitor flow rates and vary injection rate is a significant part of the more modern versions of this.
  • Pressure and injection rate can be adjusted at the operator's discretion.
  • Moreover, the injection rate for hydrate suppression is much lower than the circulation rate in a glycol dehydration tower.
  • Contrast injection rate of 20 to 25ml/sec is given with total volume of 40 to 50 ml of contrast.
  • Alternatively, mathematical models can be used to estimate the optimum gas injection rate.
  • The capacity of the reservoirs is around 120-150 million tonnes of CO2 and the annual injection rate would be about 5-8 million tonnes per year.
  • As the amount of oxygen required by the diver increases with work rate, the gas injection rate must be carefully chosen and controlled to prevent unconsciousness in the diver due to hypoxia.
  • Current two-component, two-phase cooling systems such as nuclear reactors, control the cooling rate by optimizing solely the coolant type, flow rate, and bubble/droplet injection rate.
  • In 2013 Funaki and others indicating that plasma injection created an equatorial ring current and that the plasma injection rate had a significant impact on thrust performance, with the lowest value simulated having the best performance of a thrust gain [...] of 3.77 with [...].
  • Engine designers can reduce diesel clatter through: indirect injection; pilot or pre-injection; injection timing; injection rate; compression ratio; turbo boost; and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).
  • (ii)For a small [...] or high recombination rates, [...] and the photoinjection efficiency will depend on the injection rate, [...].
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