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NOUN   an injection unit | injection units
injection unit
Einspritzeinheit {f}
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injection unit
Einspritzeinheit {f}tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The OM-601's injection pump is a mechanical fuel injection unit with a 5,150 RPM (+ or - 50 RPM) mechanical governor, automatic altitude compensation, and a 'load sensing' automatic idle speed control.
  • It consists of two main parts, an "injection unit" and a "clamping unit".
  • 9 liter V-8 is a common rail, direct injection unit.
  • A special fuel injection unit has ram tubes of larger cross section and 2510 longer than those of the regular production design.
  • 6 L DOHC inline-four, and in 1970, an electronic fuel injection unit from Bosch debuted, using the D-Jetronic system.
  • The motorcycle has the same livery as the bike used by Noriyuki Haga at the Superbike World Championship and came with a circuit kit, which included a full Akrapovic titanium exhaust system and an Eprom injection unit.
  • Official Niva imports to the UK ceased in 1997 due to the importers having difficulty in sourcing the GM fuel injection unit required to satisfy ever-tightening UK emissions regulations.
  • To prevent the dissolved dioxin components from recomposing back to life due to temperature drop, an activated carbon injection unit is installed to adsorb heavy metals and dioxins by its porous nature, resulting in a clean air treatment.
  • In mid-1989, the fuel injection unit was changed from a Bosch LU-Jetronic with Lambda Probe (oxygen sensor) to a RENIX (Renault-Bendix joint venture) based one.
  • The range of process parameters, which are employed for thin wall molded parts, is considerably narrower than that of conventional injection molding because thin parts are difficult for the injection unit of the machine to fill compared to thicker parts.
  • The engine is a 300+ bhp 2 L turbo-charged direct injection unit using fly by wire throttle control.
  • Triumph added an air injection unit near the spark plug to achieve emission regulations introduced in 2007.
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