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NOUN   an injective function | injective functions
injective function
Injektion {f}
injective function
injektive Funktion {f}
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Übersetzung für 'injective function' von Englisch nach Deutsch

injective function
Injektion {f}math.

injektive Funktion {f}math.
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  • In mathematical terms, it is an injective function.
  • is clearly an injective function as well as a surjective function, so it is bijective.
  • is countable if and only if there exists an injective function from it into the natural numbers.
  • For example, every function may be factored into the composition of a surjective function with an injective function.
  • Formally, the order among cardinal numbers is defined as follows: |"X"| ≤ |"Y"| means that there exists an injective function from "X" to "Y".
  • An injective function need not be surjective (not all elements of the codomain may be associated with arguments), and a surjective function need not be injective (some images may be associated with "more than one" argument).
  • This is because every smooth immersion is a locally injective function while invariance of domain guarantees that any continuous injective function between manifolds of equal dimensions is necessarily an open map.
  • Every fiber of a locally injective function is necessarily a discrete subspace of its domain.
  • When the circle is mapped to three-dimensional Euclidean space by an injective function (a continuous function that does not map two different points of the circle to the same point of space), its image is a closed curve.
  • The image of a continuous, injective function from R2 to higher-dimensional Rn is said to be a parametric surface.
  • An injective function is called an "injection", a surjective function is called a "surjection", and a bijective function is called a "bijection" or "one-to-one correspondence".
  • Finally, to complete the proof, we need to exhibit an injective function from "A" to its power set.
  • Equivalently, a set is "countable" if there exists an injective function from it into the natural numbers; this means that each element in the set may be associated to a unique natural number, or that the elements of the set can be counted one at a time, although the counting may never finish due to an infinite number of elements.
  • The invariance of domain theorem states that a continuous and locally injective function between two [...] -dimensional topological manifolds must be open.
  • Generally, an injective function [...] from an unordered set [...] to a cycle [...] induces a unique cyclic order on [...] that makes [...] an embedding.
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