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NOUN   a intravenous drip | intravenous drips
intravenous drip
Infusion {f}
intravenous drip
Tropfinfusion {f}
continuous intravenous drip infusion
intravenöse Dauertropfinfusion {f}
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  • The chances of popular Maroons' captain Trevor Gillmeister playing in the final game had looked impossible - he had been admitted to hospital with an infected knee and placed on an intravenous drip.
  • A bolus delivered directly to the veins through an intravenous drip allows a much faster delivery which quickly raises the concentration of the substance in the blood to an effective level.
  • A single carbetocin dose compared to a placebo or an eight-hour intravenous drip of oxytocin in a randomized blind study, necessitated less additional oxytocin therapy following a Cesarean section.
  • Posters depicting Wonder Woman wasting away in a hospital bed and attached to an intravenous drip were exhibited on billboards and in French subways, demonstrating that no-one is beyond the reach of the disease.
  • On the night before the last day's play, he collapsed in the team hotel and was placed on an intravenous drip, but recovered to take an important part in Australia's victory on the last day.
  • An intravenous drip is used to hydrate the person who will be having surgery.
  • In an interview Israeli major general Herzl Shafir recalled instances of these accounts, including that of an injured prisoner who was murdered when an Egyptian doctor "disconnected him from the oxygen and kept him from getting an intravenous drip."
  • Since the half-life of dopamine in plasma is short—approximately one minute in adults, two minutes in newborn babies and up to five minutes in preterm babies—it is usually given as a continuous intravenous drip rather than a single injection.
  • In the third game, he experienced pneumonia, but was put on an intravenous drip and played the game.
  • He had allegedly also hit the police officer repeatedly with a T-baton and a metal pole used for securing an intravenous drip.
  • Tucker has been treated for exposure and has spent some time on an intravenous drip.
  • In animals, antibiotics such as tetracycline or doxycycline can be used. Intravenous drip may be used to assist in dehydration scenarios.
  • TerumoBCT (a Japanese manufacturer of intravenous drip solutions and blood products), and the LEDCOM (Larne Enterprise Development Company) business park.
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