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NOUN   a jalopy | jalopies
SYNO bus | heap | jalopy
jalopy [coll.]
Schrottkarre {f} [ugs.]
jalopy [coll.]
Chaise {f} [ugs.] [veraltend] [schlechtes, altes Auto]
jalopy [coll.]alte Kiste {f} [ugs.] [Auto]
jalopy [coll.]alte Blechkiste {f} [ugs.] [Auto]
jalopy [coll.]
alte Klapperkiste {f} [ugs.] [Auto]
jalopy [coll.] [also: jaloppy]alte Mühle {f} [ugs.] [schäbiges Auto]
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  • During this phase, in addition to the Ford trucks and pickups, there were several Nylint Ford jalopy hot rods made.
  • Laughing this off, Hunnicut accepts the jalopy, intending to quickly unload it.
  • Some could be expensive, such as his famous used-car salesman routine with a jalopy and a breakaway floor: it cost $12,000 to produce the six-second gag.
  • Max, who has an active sense of humor, arrives to collect her in a jalopy rather than a limousine and then gives the car to the parking valet as a tip.
  • The rest of the Greens come and decide to make themselves at home, but get into trouble when Tilly poses as a rich heiress for the neighbors, Bill goes for a joyride in a jalopy and Gramma gets lost in the mansion's long hallways.
  • He delivered soda to local stores in the backseat of his Ford jalopy.
  • In the West Berlin anarchist newspaper ', a Women's Liberation Front proclaimed in 1969 combatively that "it will raise silently out of the darkness, strike and disappear again and criticized the women who "brag about jumping onto a party express without realizing that the old jalopy has to be electrified first before it can drive.
  • Each episode, a customer with a great story, small budget and sad old jalopy asks Pitbull and Leepu to transform his or her junker into a cool customized muscle car.
  • The Petoskey Motor Speedway was a dirt track jalopy racing center in northern Michigan during the mid 1950s.
  • In the United States, this body style was called a roadster pickup and was popular during the 1920s and early 1930s, some surviving as restored vintage cars or "jalopy" relics of curiosity.
  • Influenced by the rhythmical genre that the UK band “Stomp” had introduced, Raphaeli added a new dimension to his creative ensemble by combining live musicians on stage with tightly choreographed movement sequences in addition to drumming on nontraditional objects, industrial tools, percussion and an old jalopy.
  • Built in 1930, Kennywood's Auto Race is the last of its kind. Built on the former location of the original racer, it originally featured a series of small hills in the track and jalopy-style cars.
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