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NOUN   a jar seal | jar seals / [also] jar seal
jar seal [Pusa hispida, syn.: Phoca hispida]
Ringelrobbe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'jar seal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

jar seal [Pusa hispida, syn.: Phoca hispida]
Ringelrobbe {f}zool.T
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  • The prowler opens a jar that bears the seal of Sulayman releasing an Ifrit, named Zongri, that was imprisoned.
  • Khirbet Sharta was the first site in the region scientifically excavated that produced a jar handle with a LMLK seal impression, previously thought to have been limited to southern Israel.
  • A piece of parchment would overlap the upper half of the jar in order to be affixed with a cord and properly seal the contents.
  • Most of these were obtained by sending the sponsor's agency a proof of purchase, such as a boxtop or jar's inner seal, and frequently a small amount of cash, such as a dime.
  • Boiling the jars will remove the oxygen remaining in the jar, which forms a tight seal between the lid and the rim.
  • Several hundred seal impressions made on the same type of jar handle have been found in the same contexts as the LMLK stamps.
  • Some screw tops have multiple pieces. For example, a mason jar often has a lid with a built in rubbery seal and a separate threaded ring or band.
  • Another jar from the same collection—which was discovered "in situ" by the Metropolitan Museum of Art expedition—was stamped with the seal of the 'God's Wife Hatshepsut' while two jars bore the seal of "The Good Goddess Maatkare".
  • A significant narrative section describes the origin of Hanukkah, relating that when the Hasmoneans defeated the Seleucid overlords and purified the Temple in Jerusalem, they found only one small jar of pure oil sealed with the High Priest's seal and apparently sufficient for a single day only; but by a miracle it lasted for eight days, so that the Festival of Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days.
  • As his teacher did, Shunkō used a jar-shaped seal and was known as [...] ("little jar").
  • The grommets, although not essential (the use of paper or tape has become common), will help to seal the joints between the parts, therefore decreasing the amount of air coming in and maximizing the smoke breathed in.
  • A sealed jar of duck confit may be kept in the refrigerator for up to six months, or several weeks if kept in a reusable plastic container.
  • Jars are closed with two-piece metal lids that seal on the rim.
  • Yu Lei finds the final seal in an old temple that is full of statues of himself, approached by an old man who reveals to also desire the Nian's freedom and that the entity had long watched Yu Lei and knew he would be able to endure breaking the seals and free it.
  • Induction heating is used in "cap sealing" of containers in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
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