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NOUN   a juniper berry | juniper berries
juniper berries
Wacholderbeeren {pl}
to interlard / lard sth. with juniper berries
etw. mit Wacholderbeeren spicken
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  • The juniper berries on which they fed were thought to offer protection, and people consumed the fruit and burned branches to fumigate their houses.
  • Gin (...) is a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its flavour from juniper berries ("Juniperus communis").
  • Juniper berries are steam distilled to produce an essential oil that may vary from colorless to yellow or pale green.
  • Raw ham is salted and seasoned with garlic, coriander, pepper, juniper berries and other spices.
  • The Tataviam people had summer and winter settlements. They harvested "Yucca whipplei" and "wa'at" or juniper berries.
  • Steinhäger is a type of German gin, a spirit flavoured with juniper berries. The name is derived from the Westphalian municipality of Steinhagen, the only place where it is permitted to be produced.
  • One common traditional dish that involves jugging is jugged hare (a similar stew is known as "civet de lièvre" in France), which is a whole hare, cut into pieces, marinated and cooked with red wine and juniper berries in a tall jug that stands in a pan of water.
  • It is the same procedure as for "gravlaks", but aquavit is often substituted for brandy, and juniper berries for dill.
  • Some conifers also provide foods such as pine nuts and Juniper berries, the latter used to flavor gin.
  • For example, Belgian "witbier" is brewed with coriander, Finnish "sahti" is brewed with juniper berries, and traditional beers in Britain are brewed with honey and spices.
  • Legs of beef are thoroughly defatted and seasoned with a dry rub of coarse salt and spices, such as juniper berries, cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Juniper berries have long been used as medicine by many cultures including the Navajo people.
  • The diet of the yellow-rumped warbler is based primarily on insects, though the species does eat fruits such as juniper berries as well, especially in winter.
  • The flavouring in gin comes from juniper berries.
  • The family contains 175 species which are divided into 18 genera: Among traditional ways of cooking thrush were with polenta or grilled on a skewer, in Italy; with juniper berries in Belgium; and made into a pâté or terrine.
  • Borovička ([...]; also known as Juniper brandy [...]) is a Slovak alcoholic beverage flavoured with juniper berries. It is characterised by its clear and the Czech Republic.
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