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(just) like any otherwie alle anderen (auch)
just like any otherwie jeder / jede / jedes andere
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  • They could be sold or alienated just like any other property, and later in the 12th century, they were often under the protection of a lesser noble or one of the military orders.
  • Just like any other province in the Philippines, Romblon's chief executive and head is the provincial governor.
  • The generic instance then behaves just like any other unit.
  • Edamame beans are easy to eat and can be cooked just like any other type of beans.
  • This is rather similar to the English verbal noun '-ing' form, and therefore as a noun, this form can inflect just like any other noun.
  • The closure is managed by Lua's garbage collector, just like any other object.
  • Palm OS contains approximately 15 preference panels by default and new preference panels can be added just like any other application.
  • The correction tape was a program, and required debugging just like any other program.
  • Supreme Court ruled in the "Head Money Cases" (1884) that "treaties" do not have a privileged position over Acts of Congress and can be repealed or modified by legislative action just like any other regular law.
  • In other words: classes are first-class objects in Smalltalk which can receive messages just like any other object and can be created dynamically at execution time.
  • For a green roof to be successful they require regular maintenance and upkeep just like any other green infrastructure found in an urban area.
  • If the turn is not a mtaji turn, relay sowing, but captures will never take place: marker pits are treated just like any other pits.
  • Any standards produced by non-governmental entities remain the intellectual property of their developers (unless specifically designed otherwise) and are protected, just like any other publications, by copyright laws and international treaties.
  • It can only be described as being a form of commerce, just like any other kind of commerce.
  • However, it is possible to write computer programs in PostScript just like any other programming language.
  • Staffing agencies are prone to improper behavior just like any other employer.
  • One argument that programmes derived from logicism remain valid might be that the incompleteness theorems are 'proved with logic just like any other theorems'.
  • In program source code, these data items are used just like any other [...] variable, but their contents are implicitly accessed indirectly through their [...] pointers.
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