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kalpak [hussar fur cap]
Kalpak {m} [auch Kolpak]
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Übersetzung für 'kalpak' von Englisch nach Deutsch

kalpak [hussar fur cap]
Kalpak {m} [auch Kolpak]hist.mil.
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  • The word "kalpak" is also a component of the ethnonym of a Turkic group of uncertain relation: the "Karakalpak" (literally "black kalpak" in the Karakalpak language).
  • Ak-kalpak takes its name from the Kyrgyz words "ak" (white) and "kalpak" (designating any form of hat and passed into Russian as the kolpak in the fifteenth century).
  • They sometimes consisted of grey tunics or waist-belts, grey trousers with a narrow red stripe, and kalpak with the imperial arms.
  • The word is mentioned in the epic Serbian poem, "The Maiden of Kossovo"; the line reads "Svilen kalpak".
  • He had started wearing the "kalpak" (a tall, cylindrical, black leather hat; "see Ottoman Clothing") reserved for the Prince, and demanded to be addressed as "Domn" ("Master", "Prince"; cf.
  • Traditional elements of Cossack military life are around Mamay: a horse with rich harness, tied to a spear with a flag planted into the ground; a green oak tree with a sabre hanging from it; a pistol and a stone powder case; Turkish "kalpak" (high hat), and a bottle of "okovyta" (Ukrainian for "aqua vitae").
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